A fine of 1 million yen for the e-Sports team “REJECT” In a discriminatory remark by professional gamer SaRa –

Professional gaming teamREJECTBelongs to the “PUBG MOBILE” section ofSaRaParticipating in the e-Sports league due to the issue of discriminatory remarks by players“PUBG MOBILE JAPAN LEAGUE“(PMJL) has announced the disposition.

On May 7, he announced to SaRa that he would be suspended from the match until the end of December, but with this announcement, he is the team he belongs to.A fine of 1 million yen for the REJECT team ownerWas punished.

In addition, the PMJL side is required to take measures such as “analysis of factors for events and implementation of countermeasures” and “thorough compliance training for affiliated players and team members”.

SaRa’s remarks that ridicule people with disabilities are a problem

The problem was the remarks made by SaRa on May 1 to ridicule people with disabilities. According to REJECT’s announcement, the statement was explained to have entered the distribution of other players belonging to the same team.

The situation at the time was that SaRa was playing another game in the same facility. The statement in question was said to have been made without voice chat.

REJECT apologized for improper remarks and poor team supervision on the following day. On the 3rd, “Player activity suspended until the end of December“”Full cut of player rewards during the period“”Participation in social contribution activitiesI made the disposition.

At the same time, he commented that he would work to prevent recurrence, saying, “We will review compliance education and carry out continuous compliance training” for all staff, including athletes and streamers.

After being punished, SaRa himself said on Twitter, “My remarks are never allowed and I take them seriously.” “I deeply apologize to those who were uncomfortable with my remarks.” I apologized.

Athletes are suspended, REJECT is fined 1 million yen

On May 7, four days after the announcement of the disposition on the REJECT side, the disposition was also announced by the e-Sports league PMJL of “PUBG MOBILE” in which SaRa and REJECT are participating.

The discriminatory remarks have given SaRa a penalty of suspension of the game until the end of December, saying that it violates the ban on the game tournament and the game itself.

At that time, PMJL mentioned the possibility of disposition to his team, REJECT, saying, “We are discussing measures for the team separately,” in addition to the disposition to the players.

According to the announcement on May 13, a penalty of “1 million yen fine for the team owner” was given for failing to comply with the obligations and prohibitions of the players belonging to the team.

On the same day, PMJL announced the disposition of the underage drinking problem of sQxOcO players who belong to the professional gaming team FENNEL. Players will be suspended from the match by the end of the year, and the team owner will be fined 1 million yen (external link).

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