Musician with a disability Emmanuel Kelly launches Outlyer Entertainment with support from many talents | The Outlyer Group press release

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Musicians with disabilities Emmanuel Kelly But Outlyer Entertainment Launched, Chris Martin , Paul Oakenfold , Adam Morse Receive support from many talents such as

London, May 9, 2022 / PRNewswire / –Singers, actors, speakers and entrepreneurs with disabilitiesEmmanuel KellyIs the representative of Outlyer’s Advisory Board Coldplay FrontmanChris MartinWith the support of, we announced the launch of the new Outlyer Entertainment.

Outlyer Entertainment is the first IP development and production company to introduce, empower and support the talents of people with disabilities around the world. The company aims to take a broad approach to solving the difficult situations surrounding people with disabilities in the film, television and music industries. The company has the following slogan, “Realize the world in a different way.”

Outlyer Entertainment is an agency for talented people with disabilities in three divisions: talent agencies, record companies, and Outlyer Talent Agency, Outlyer Record Label, and Outlyer Film / TV Production House.

Outlyer Entertainment, with top advisors, focuses on projects and collaborations with actors, musicians, filmmakers, writers and artists, providing expertise in many areas to support and service the company’s trajectory. increase. Outlyer’s advisorChris MartinDJ producer at the topPaul OakenfoldAnd NCIS writer and producerScott WilliamsAre listed.

Adam Morse In addition to being a blind film director, actor, writer and co-founder of OutlyerTim Lucas AllenCoach CEO Rhett PowerFormer President of DKNY & FUBUBernt UllmanCEO Of Global Citizen Forum Talimka YordanovaEtc. participate as enthusiastic supporters and advisors. Co-founder of Deekay MusicLars Jensen And Columbus Children’s Foundation Laura Hameed..

Outlyer also specializes in cutting-edge points of contact between film and social change.Think-Film Impact ProductionEstablished an award-winning and influential media companyDanielle Turkov WilsonWe will work on the mission in partnership with.

Think-Film is a strategic impact valuation for Outlyer’s media projects, impactful distribution and marketing, impact at the highest level of influence to increase awareness and access to global film festivals and markets. We plan to offer a partnership. As a structural partner of the Cannes Film Festival and a co-pioneer of the impACT program, this year we plan to host the first film festival party led by people with disabilities.

Emmanuel KellySays: “Focusing on a positive approach to people with disabilities has long been my goal. We use a commercial and business approach to educate and empower those in need. We need to enable and create value. We are proud to announce the establishment of this company and have great expectations for the future and potential of Outlyer. We can innovate. I have to end the difficult situation surrounding people with disabilities. I am very grateful to Chris and many other wonderful people around me for their support. “

Chris MartinSays: “We are honored to help the Emmanuel and Outlyer Entertainment teams provide a platform for artists with disabilities throughout the entertainment industry.”

From Kenny Baker to Beethoven, the long-established community of people with disabilities who have made cultural contributions will continue to be important in the fields of music, film and television, and we look forward to more people like them. ..

We aim to create a more diverse entertainment industry where anyone can participate from anywhere, and at the same time, we look forward to new talents discovered and nurtured by Outlyer Entertainment.

In 2020, Chris Martin will feature Emmanuel Kelly’s song “Never Alone” in the video with Demi Lovato, Terrance Howard, JK Simmons, Elizabeth Moss, Jean Claude Van Dame, Pia Toscano, Royce da 5’9, Vanness Wu, Brian Grazer and Jonathan Ross. Are starring in the cameo for inspiration. This song was remixed by legendary DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold.

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