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European campers have different road conditions and camping styles from Japan, so many people may have the impression that the sleeping capacity is smaller than those made in Japan. However, recent European cars are changing, as the number of models with a layout with a large sleeping capacity, such as bunk beds and pull-down beds, tends to increase.

From two-person travel specifications to family type

Pop-up roofs are one way to increase your sleeping capacity. This mechanism is familiar to domestic cars and is for efficient use of the space of small cars. In Europe, it has been installed in small vans and wagons of Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, but recently, models that are also installed in the larger Fiat Ducato have been seen. Adria’s “TWIN SPORTS”, a Slovenian camper imported and sold by Deltalink, is one of them.

Pop-up roof for family use Bright indoor

Originally, Adria had a series of Bancon called “TWIN”. All based on Fiat Ducato, but without pop-up roof. In the first place, Ducato (high roof) has a height of about 1900 mm inside the car, so there is plenty of room to stand in the car, and it was thought that a pop-up roof was unnecessary except for the sleeping capacity.

The model “TWIN SPORTS” with a pop-up roof on this TWIN debuted in 2021 (640SGX with a total length of 6363mm). This year, the second year, three more models have been added, and all four types have been developed. The three models are 600SPB = total length 5998mm (short size that is easy to ride even in Japan). 640SG and 640SLB = both have a total length of 6363mm, and the layout is different from the 640SGX that debuted in 2021.

Pop-up roof for family use Bright indoor
Raise the pop-up roof to create a large space!

TWIN’s “600SPBGB”, “640SGX”, “540SP” and “600SPB” have a sleeping capacity of two people. By installing a pop-up roof, TWIN SPORTS has a sleeping capacity of 4 people and can be used for family use.

Pop-up roof with excellent view

The advantage of pop-up roofs is that the interior height is high. In the case of TWIN SPORTS, the base vehicle (Fiat Ducato’s high roof) has an indoor height of about 1900 mm, so the height is originally sufficient. The purpose is to expand the second floor. The image is that the number of bedrooms where beds can be expanded has increased by one on the second floor. However, the opening to the pop-up roof is not very large, and you can climb up and down with a dedicated ladder.

The pop-up part is equipped with a mesh screen on three sides. One side of the front (direction of travel) can be fully opened, so the view is outstanding. The height of the ceiling (from the roof of the car to the ceiling of the pop-up roof) when the pop-up roof is unfolded is about 1 m, so it is a size that adults can sit and spend. As a room with a good view, it seems that it can be used at times other than bedtime.

The bed size is 2000mm x 1300mm, which is plenty of size. There is also a resin spring mat under the bed mat for excellent sleeping comfort.

Pop-up roof for family use Bright indoor
If you open the front of the pop-up roof fully, it will be a room with a good view.
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