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2022.05.19 NEW Shopping

Light-colored sunglasses are the decisive factor for “refreshing adults”!

Sunglasses are a must for the coming season when the sun is getting stronger. Among them, sunglasses with a light lens color protect against ultraviolet rays and have a refreshing feeling, which makes them look stylish. In addition, it goes well with exhilarating white items such as white open-collared shirts and white pants, which are often worn in the summer. It’s a perfect item to create a “fresh adult” in the summer. So this time, we will introduce 4 items of light-colored sunglasses that will make adult casual wear even more refreshing! Both are available immediately on the EC site “Safari Lounge”. If you are interested, please buy it!

[Salvage Public]

[Bespoke / Limited Items]”IKE” Clear Frame Sunglasses 14,300 yen (Salvage Public / Safari Lounge)

The bespoke color brown creates a gentle adult!
Round cell frame sunglasses that are easy to match with your outfit. A light brown photochromic lens is fitted to the skeleton brown frame manufactured as a bespoke model. With a luxurious appearance, it creates a cool and gentle impression on the eyes. With an ultraviolet transmittance of 1% or less and a visible light transmittance of 10 to 32%, it has excellent functionality such as greatly blocking ultraviolet rays and sunlight. Recommended not only for daily use, but also for sports scenes such as golf and driving on days with strong sunlight.

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[Oliver Peoples]

“Gregory Peck 1962” Sunglasses 41,250 yen (Oliver Peoples / Safari Lounge)

“Gregory Peck 1962” Sunglasses 41,250 yen (Oliver Peoples / Safari Lounge)

The appeal is that it can be folded compactly!
Introducing sunglasses with the ability to fold compactly from the brand’s classic “Gregory Peck” series. Since it can be folded from the center, it can be stored in a chest pocket when not in use. The refreshing light blue model has a matte brown finish on the frame, giving it a calm atmosphere. Visible light transmittance 31%, UV transmittance 1.0% or less. It’s also nice to have a special case.

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“Wayfarer” sunglasses 23,980 yen (Ray-Ban / Safari Lounge)

“Wayfarer” sunglasses 23,980 yen (Ray-Ban / Safari Lounge)

Light-colored lenses and black frames are perfect for daily use!
Arrange the standard model Wayfarer with lens color. The cool blue lens is perfect for the coming season. The black frame fits in every style, so it’s sure to look great in the city as well as in outdoor scenes such as the beach. The accent is that the three-dimensional brand logo is arranged on the temple. Comes with a special case that is convenient to carry.

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[Eyewear by David Beckham]

2WAY sunglasses 40,700 yen (eyewear by David Beckham / Safari Lounge)

Enjoy with 2WAY of sunglasses and glasses!
Clip-on type with a set of magnet lenses that can be easily attached to the acetate frame. It is attractive that you can use it according to the scene by changing to sunglasses outdoors where the sunlight is strong and glasses indoors. With a black frame and a neat square type, it will upgrade your usual outfit. Although it is a 2-way type, it is lightweight and you can enjoy comfortable wearing with less stress.

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