Professional e-sports team “TEQ WING e-Sports” Fortnite section Notice of new players | Press release of GK Tech Wing

The following players have joined TEQWING e-Sports.

[Profile of new players] ◆ Gouda player

・ Age: 18 years old
・ Birthplace: Fukui Prefecture (living in Tokyo)
・ Main achievements:
FNCS QUALIFIER 31st, 40th, 65th, 75th, 85th, 86th
SOLO CASH CUP 75th, 84th
DUOS CASH CUP 32nd, 36th
TRIOS CASH CUP 24th, 31st, 49th
Friday Nite Bragging Rights 11th
Frosty Frenzy 17th place and others
・ Twitter:

・ Comments on joining:
“This time, I am a new member of the TEQWING e-sports Fortnite division,” Gouda. ” I will do my best as an instructor! I like Ultraman and idols! Thank you in the future! ”

  • What is Tech Wing?

GK Tech Wing is a “robot classroom,” “programming classroom,” “e-sports game classroom,” and “on” in Chiba Prefecture.
We provide cutting-edge education for children called “Line eSports Dojo”.
In 2020, we will open the first e-sports game class for children in Chiba prefecture, and teach Fortnite and Minecraft in face-to-face classes in the classroom. Fortnite is taught face-to-face by professional gamers.
In 2021, we started the service of “Online eSports Dojo (URL:” where elementary and junior high school students can learn Fortnite online.
Tech Wing is working as a pioneer of companies working on e-sports as an education for children in order to establish the culture of learning e-sports (games).
We also operate a professional e-sports team “TEQWING e-Sports”.

Techwing e-Sports HP:
Tech Wing Twitter:
Tech Wing Youtube:
Tech Wing HP:

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