[Software & Hard Weekly Sales]”Nintendo Switch Sports” ranked first for two consecutive weeks! Live-action mystery adventure “Centennial Case Retro Chika” is also in the top 10[5/9-5/15]| Game entertainment latest information

Sales ranking announced by Famitsu. This time, we will deliver a summary of estimated weekly sales of game software and hardware from May 9th to May 15th, 2022.

Continuing from last week, “Nintendo Switch Sports]Is doing well, and the result is to win the top spot for two consecutive weeks.

It is also popular for its various ways of enjoying, such as the character customization function and the “Pro League” aiming for higher ranks in each competition, and the cumulative number of units sold has exceeded 350,000. ..

Switch “Nintendo Switch Sports” (

Next, after the second place, “Kirby Discovery of the StarsMario Kart 8 DeluxeeBASEBALL Powerful Professional Baseball 2022In the 7th place, the detective adventure game “The Centennial Retro Chika]Is ranked in.

Switch “Centennial Case Retro Chika” (

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of its release, expectations are rising for the sequel.The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]Has also increased sales and is once again in the top 10.

On the other hand, looking at the hardware, the PS5 in the 79th week of release sold 2693 units in total for the standard model and digital edition, and the Xbox Series X | S sold 6225 units in total.

Estimated number of software sold TOP10

1st place (1st place last time) Switch Nintendo Switch Sports
475 25 books(Total 352,113) / Nintendo / April 29, 2022

2nd place (2nd place last time) Switch Kirby Discovery of Stars
1490 3 books(Total 710,714) / Nintendo / March 25, 2022

3rd place (4th place last time) Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
11127 books(Total 4,632,554) / Nintendo / April 28, 2017

4th place (3rd place last time) Switch eBASEBALL Powerful professional baseball 2022
10372(Total 164,305) / KONAMI / April 21, 2022

5th (8th last time) Switch Ring Fit Adventure
6839 books(Total 3,151,727) / Nintendo / October 18, 2019

6th place (6th place last time) Switch Minecraft
6553 books(Total 2,641,949 books) / Microsoft Japan / June 21, 2018

7th place (first appearance) Switch Spring Yuki and Retro Chika
6409 books(Total 6409) / Square Enix / May 12, 2022

8th place (7th place last time) Switch Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL
5849 books(Total 4,879,799) / Nintendo / December 7, 2018

9th place (9th place last time) Switch Mario Party Superstars
4360(Total 964,133) / Nintendo / October 29, 2021

10th place (11th place last time) Switch The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
4245(Total 2,025,606) / Nintendo / March 3, 2017

* Numbers below 11th place are “”Game sales ranking pageWill be released after May 20, 2022.
* The estimated number of units sold in this ranking is the sum of the packaged software, download card, and pre-installed version of the main unit.

Estimated hardware sales

  • Switch / 20443 units (cumulative total of 18,288,818 units)
  • Switch Lite / 9011 units (total 4,719,293 units)
  • Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) / 35868 units (total 1,757,019 units)
  • PS5 / 2240 units (cumulative 1,385,128 units)
  • PS5 Digital Edition / 453 units (cumulative 235,710 units)
  • Xbox Series X / 105 units (total 99469 units)
  • Xbox Series S / 6120 units (cumulative 105,408 units)
  • PS4 / 22 units (cumulative 7,819,548 units)
  • New Nintendo 2DS LL / 235 units (cumulative 1,185,959 units)

* Along with game software and hardware, the aggregation period is from May 9th to May 15th, 2022.

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