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In late March, we launched “Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and the Magic World”, achieved sales that exceeded the expectations and expectations of Take-Two Interactive, and achieved the largest new franchise launch in the last few years as a 2K work. Regarding “Gearbox Entertainment,” the Embracer Group newly implemented the fourth quarter and the full year of the 2022 fiscal year as the trend of the studio that acquired the co-developed studio “Lost Boys Interactive” of Wonderlands has been attracting attention the other day. In the performance report of “Gearbox Entertainment”, a business initiative report. It’s been revealed that Gearbox is currently developing nine AAA games. (Reference: Embracer’s performance report material pdf, Gearbox description is page 28)

At the moment, specific information about nine unreleased AAA games is unknown, but “Lost Boys Interactive”, which recently became a subsidiary of “Gearbox”, is co-developing top-class games, and for PCs and consoles. It is known that we are working on the original IP of. (* Lost Boys Interactive is a studio that participated in the development of Call of Duty and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and currently has more than 220 staff members. Plans are underway to expand the number of developers to 350 by 2024.)

As an aside, the current “Gearbox Entertainment” is “Gearbox Studio Montréal”, which was established in August last year and is reported to be working on the development of the Borderlands series and new IP, in addition to the familiar “Gearbox Software” in the Borderlands series. , “Gearbox Studio Quebec” with a studio in Quebec, “Cryptic Studios”, a prestigious MMO genre acquired by the acquisition of Perfect World Entertainment, and “Gearbox Publishing”, a publishing division that integrates Perfect World mentioned above. ..

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