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Breguet Manufacture announces a new model of the brand’s iconic “Tradition Retrograde Date” face. In this new watch, the blue monochrome that colors the dial and the movement covered in anthracite color make a strong contrast.

This “Tradition Retrograde Date 7597” is a model that deeply explores Breguet’s original style. From the shape of the bridge to the shock absorbing mechanism known as the “parachute”, the size of the balance and the balance wheel, all parts are the pocket watches “Suscriction” and “Montre a Tact” created by Abraham-Louis Breguet. It is inspired by the features inherent in watches such as. That’s why this new “Tradition Retrograde Date” is a striking and attractive point with the characteristic symmetrical structure of the caliber.

The gold dial features a hand-carved guilloché pattern of “Cour de Paris”, traditional Roman numerals and a Breguet hand with a hole at the tip. And like the watch that inspired this model, the dial is secured with three screws. This model also has a retrograde date. This iterative date display was also a feature that founder Breguet cherished, and he is one of the first watchmakers to develop a watch with this complication. The blued steel retrograde hands had to be bent in multiple steps from the axis of the hands to the sector with the date numbers so that the date hands could move smoothly over the movement. In addition, the sector has been magnified up to 180 degrees and coated in blue to reflect the dial color to make the date display easier to read. This date sector alternates between silver powdered numbers and gold dots. To set the date, simply loosen the screw lock on the push button at 10 o’clock and press it to advance the hands to the desired date. And the main plate and bridge are coated with Anthrite, giving this watch a powerful look.

Architectural movement

The 40 mm diameter white gold case houses the caliber 505Q, a self-winding movement. The movement is equipped with an inverted lever escapement and a silicon ankle. Silicone material is also used for Breguet beard fern. Silicon has a variety of properties, including resistance to corrosion and wear, resistance to magnetic fields, and excellent timekeeping accuracy. Installed in the new Tradition Retrograde Date, this movement has a balance frequency of 3 Hz, a 50-hour power reserve, 269 parts and a thickness of 8.7 mm.

You can see the gold rotor from the sapphire caseback on the dial side where the fascinating structure unfolds. Its shape is also derived from the self-winding mechanism called “Perpetuel”, which was invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1780.

The new Tradition Retrograde Date 7597 comes with a mitt night blue alligator strap and a gold pin buckle.

Tradition collection

The “Tradition” collection, which was born in 2005 with the theme of fusion of tradition and modernity, is the brand’s first series in which all the mechanisms of the movement can be seen from the dial side, and there are “Suspicion” and “Montre a”. You can clearly see the idea from the pocket watch such as “Tact”. Introduced in 1797, the “Suscription” watch had only one hand to read the hour and minute. This sophisticated watch with a minimum design, as well as its concept, was a quirky system at the time, with a prepayment of a quarter of the price at the time of ordering.

Abraham-Louis Breguet used the same caliber to design the first “Montre a Tact”, which was unveiled at the French Industrial Expo a year later. At that time, it was difficult to read the time on the dial due to insufficient lighting. Also, in social situations, it was thought that checking the time on one’s own clock was a violation of etiquette. Therefore, Breguet founder Abraham-Louis Breguet devised a model that allows you to read the time by touching it without taking the watch out of your pocket. The time could be confirmed simply by touching the arrow (hour hand) attached to the outside of the case and comparing the position of the hand with the protrusion (hour marker) attached to the case band. The current “Tradition” collection incorporates Breguet design codes into watches using contrasting elements and contemporary techniques. In Tradition Retrograde Date 7597, the watch is beautifully dressed in blue, paving the way for a modern and advanced design.

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