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Giorgio Armani launches the second season of the crossroads project, announcing 12 women from around the world that Armani chooses. From Japan, actress Ayaka Miyoshi has been appointed as an ambassador, and promotional videos and images have been released worldwide at the same time.


Crossroads is a project that started in 2021, and actress Arai Nanao acted as an ambassador on behalf of the Japanese in the first round last year. This time around, the world includes French ballet dancer Aurélie Dupont, director of the Paris Opera Ballet, and Isabella Potty, a co-owner and innovative chef of a Michelin-starred restaurant in Lecce, Italy. Introducing episodes of the lives of 12 women from different backgrounds, selected from major cities around the world, in an interview format. In their own words, they talk about the important moments when they were at the crossroads of their lives and were forced to make decisions that would have a major impact on the future. Promotional videos and interviews were also shot in places that were of great significance to each. Ayaka Miyoshi chose “Shibuya Scramble Crossing” and “Beautiful Forest with Quietness”. The reason is the shooting location of her drama “Alice in Borderland”, which was distributed worldwide on Netflix and became a big topic, and the place where you can refresh yourself. Check out the video to see what you think about the hustle and bustle of the city and the polar stages of nature, which is almost silent!


In addition, Ayaka Miyoshi said that she was appointed as an ambassador. “I’m really honored to be selected as an ambassador for Giorgio Armani’s global project, Crossroads. It’s scary to let everyone in the world know about my personal part in this project, but this initiative I’m very excited to know the direction of this project. I think that the contrast between the place and fashion that is meaningful to me and the feeling that is created on the spot can be conveyed through the screen. “

Designer Giorgio Armani said, “This project is part of an effort to support women who live strongly and communicate their ideas. A wardrobe for working around elegant tailoring in the 1980s. Since pioneering the wardrobe, we have consistently conveyed the voices of women living in the present age and praised their individuality and abilities. Ayaka Miyoshi is aiming for a clear goal with an eye on overseas activities. He is a strong man on the path of his choice and is one of the right women for this project. “

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