[League One]First Championship Checker Tokyo SG’s Pride 3 weeks ago No try Re-examine the team due to a devastating defeat –Rugby: Nikkan Sports

Tokyo SG vs BL Tokyo First half, Tokyo SG WTB Ozaki (left) decides to try alone and gutsport (photographed by Mihoko Takizawa)

Tokyo SG vs BL Tokyo First half, Tokyo SG WTB Ozaki (left) decides to try alone and gutsport (photographed by Mihoko Takizawa)

  • After the match, BL Tokyo's Reach Michael (center) and Tokyo SG's Mackenzie (right) (photographed by Mihoko Takizawa) praise each other for their good fights.

◇ Playoff Semifinals ◇ 21st ◇ Osaka Hanazono Rugby Stadium

The league’s No. 1 Tokyo SG (formerly Suntory) took the lead to the first throne. He won the 4th place BL Tokyo (formerly Toshiba) 30-24 and advanced to the final at the National Stadium in Tokyo on the 29th. In the 19th minute of the second half, when the 19th World Cup Japan national team CTB Ryoto Nakamura (30) made a come-from-behind try, he was humiliated by his rival who lost 3-27 on the 1st of this month. On the 22nd, the semi-finals (Tokyo, Chichibumiya Rugby Stadium) of 2nd place Saitama (former Panasonic) and 3rd place Tokyo Bay (former Kubota) will be held, and the winner will advance to the final.

It was the pride of Tokyo SG. In the 15th minute of the second half, chasing one point, a scrum on the right side of the middle stage. I pushed forward slowly, centering on Morikawa, Horikoshi, and Tarakai in the first row of the forward, which was introduced 5 minutes ago. Invited a foul from the opponent’s proud FW and entered deep into the enemy’s camp. After a series of attacks, CTB Nakamura, who struck the edge of the rack, decided to make a come-from-behind try. “No matter who comes out, Suntory’s rugby can be embodied.” The captain was proud.

Three weeks ago, he lost to BL Tokyo, which is also based in Fuchu, Tokyo, 3-27. Notry. Although the team passed the top of the league and felt stable, it was an opportunity to reconsider the team. On this day, the SH style of the Japanese national team candidate was proud to say, “I said that, but …” with a bitter smile and “I lost in the forward last time. I believed that he would do it.”

Last season, he lost to Panasonic (now Saitama) 26-31 in the predecessor Top League final. Ryu said, “I came for the final. I finally got the ticket.” The battle never ends.[Wataru Matsumoto]

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