You can’t miss the trendy green, the red color, and the stable black! -Spring colorful coordination-WORLD SNAP 7DAYS[5 / 8-5 / 14]| Special feature | Fashion

Realistic European trends are known, and it is a persistently popular content.WORLD SNAP.. We are updating the outfits that we would like to refer to, focusing on fashionable Parisienne and London girls every day. Take a look at one week’s worth of SNAP!

DAY1.The combination of red socks is a wonderful Parisienne look@PARIS

name = Anaïs


A navy vest and red socks are added to the white base to create a tricolor color palette. She wears beaded necklaces and patterned socks for a clean look.

▶ ︎ The way to match the red socks is wonderfully dressed like Parisienne

DAY2.I want to imitate!A model outfit for denim on denim with different colors@LONDON

name = Emanuel


The vest and skirt, and the denim on denim that is casually dressed in different colors are wonderful. By matching the washer shirt, a soft look is added to the rugged denim.

▶ ︎I want to imitate!A model outfit for denim on denim with different colors

DAY3.A model outfit that incorporates this season’s hottest green items@PARIS

name = Lucile


The standard dress of white shirt and denim pants can be refreshed at once by simply layering a vivid color knit vest. Further enhance the urban mood with a clear bag.

▶ ︎ A model outfit that incorporates the hottest green items this season

DAY4.A high-class outfit that casually matches the colors of bags, glasses, and sneakers@LONDON

name = Anna


A long blue coat and a green dress complement each other to create a style with a strong presence. By choosing blue sneakers to match your coat, you can easily organize your feet.

▶ ︎High-end coordination that casually matches the colors of bags, glasses, and sneakers

DAY5. Summer all-black outfits enjoy using accessories such as socks and accessories.@PARIS

name = Lou


The contradictory combination of “Dr. Martens” leather shoes and lace socks, which are attractive for their ruggedness, adds a touch of quirk and greatly enhances the appeal of the simple one-tone style.

▶ ︎Summer all-black outfit enjoys using accessories such as socks and accessories

DAY6.Simple but impressive!A masculine color for a sense of omission@LONDON

name = Emma


The combination is simple but attractive because it makes good use of the contrast between the upper and lower colors and the silhouette. Raise the sleeves and open the collar wide to remember the feeling of pulling out.

▶ ︎ Simple but impressive!A masculine color for a sense of omission

DAY7.The trick to fashionably finish the all-black outfit is in the accessories@PARIS

name = Meriem


The turtleneck tops that are slightly opened with a zipper and the pants with slits create a simple black style rhythmically.

▶ ︎ The key to making an all-black outfit fashionable is in accessories.

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