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How to improve women’s liking with “half pants”?

Recently, I’ve come to see people wearing shorts. However, depending on the outfit, men’s shorts may not look good on women … Among them, the classic summer outfit of T-shirts and shorts is “little boyish”, with voices from women. Hmmm, what’s wrong with this?

The reason for this is the size of the exposed area of ​​the skin. Then you may simply think, “Why don’t you make the top long sleeves?”, But if you choose around Ron T, the impression may not change. Therefore, I would like to propose to match the summer knit. Summer knits made of cotton or linen don’t look hot, and even if you actually wear them, it’s not hot at this time of year. So, let’s take a look at the sample outfit of such shorts and summer knit from here!

How to improve women's liking with

Also the usual T Ichikode
+ Make a mistake like an adult with a cardigan!

The logo T and shorts seem to be the most “kid-like” outfit for women, but it’s strange to wear a knit cardigan. Not only does the area showing the skin become smaller, but does it give an adult-like impression? Moreover, the finish has a relaxed feeling, so there is no “feeling of trying hard”. I want to add a feeling of lacking with sandals at my feet, but it is an adult’s choice to select clean white sneakers here⁉

Beige knit 44,000 yen (column / estnation), T-shirt worn inside 9020 yen (Filson / outer limit), cargo shorts 29,700 yen (Nigel Cabourn / outer limit), sunglasses 13,200 yen (Sunsky) / Goldwin Customer Service Center), Pouch on shoulder 17,600 yen (Fujikinko / Fujisangyo), Parka in hand 37,400 yen (Control / Anthings), Shoes 31,900 yen (Philip model / Toyoda Trading) Press room)

How to improve women's liking with

It makes you feel that adults can afford it
The calm earth color is the liver!

The correct answer for cargo-type rugged shorts is to simply match the crew neck knit. Here, instead of choosing an elegant type like a high gauge, choose a rough knitting as shown in the picture. Then, while having good quality, there is also a good mood. Furthermore, if you put the whole thing together in earth tones, it will upgrade your shorts outfit to be more mature and fashionable. It is better to make the T-shirt of the inn darker and give it a proper sharpness.

Gray knit 42,900 yen (Ron Herman), tank top 10,780 yen (Jackson Mathis / Hand Intree Showroom), Gurka shorts 30,800 yen (Enson / Unite Nine), hat 12,100 yen (Nanamica / Nanamica Daikanyama) ), Necklace 17,600 yen (Adawat Touareg), Bag 104,500 yen (Il Micho / Tremezzo), Shoes 20,900 yen (Zagik / HJM)

How to improve women's liking with

An exquisite fusion of elegance and roughness
Waza-ari shorts coordination!

The styling of argyle knit x sheer soccer pants is refreshing and has a good impression, but is it a little too elegant? Then, try putting in a denim shirt with plenty of taste. Just glance at the neck and hem to create a sophisticated atmosphere while maintaining elegance. Roughly loose accessories such as flip-flops and caps are also effective for creating an atmosphere. If you can dress up like this, you will surely look like a fashionable advanced person.

Argyle knit 35,200 yen (heritage band), denim shirt 39,600 yen (Ron Herman denim), sheer soccer shorts 31,900 yen (aspeggi), cap 6930 yen (filson), necklace 8800 yen (thunk / hand) Intree Showroom), Sunglasses 9240 yen (Sunski / Goldwin Customer Service Center), Sandals 2200 yen (Siavo / Hand Intree Showroom)

Photo = Koki Marumasu Styling = Ryosuke Endo Fumi = Kyoko Chika
photo: Kouki Marueki (BOIL) styling: Ryosuke Endo text: Kyoko Chikama

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