“Yoyu”, a brand that delivers leeway to moms, will exhibit at “Food Meetup 2022” | Press release of conddy Co., Ltd.

  • About “Food Meetup 2022”

“Food Meetup 2022” is an event where about 100 specially invited influencers will experience the popular products and new products of exhibiting companies at the venue and deepen exchanges with food-related companies.

  • Why conddy is exhibiting at “Food Meetup 2022”

conddy has been actively communicating with followers through SNS etc. regarding the launch and operation of “yoyu”.
Specifically, when developing / improving products, we not only incorporate the opinions of many followers, but also provide a mechanism “yoyu fund” (below) that allows followers to indirectly contribute to society through Instagram. We have made various efforts in.
Based on that, conddy will be exhibiting at “Food Meetup 2022” as a valuable opportunity to exchange opinions directly with many influencers and to disseminate and accelerate the above efforts.

[Instagram official account]
The official Instagram account is followed by 2,050 people who share the concept of “delivering room to moms.” We continue to create a brand called “yoyu” with our followers.

[Sustainable fund “yoyu fund” that supports the creation of an environment and society where moms can live with peace of mind]
The “yoyu fund” stocks 1 yen per action (likes, comments, saves, etc.) for feed posts and reel posts sent by the official Instagram account of “yoyu” in the “yoyu fund” on a regular basis. The “yoyu Fund” will donate to organizations and companies that are engaged in activities that contribute to the creation of an environment and society where moms can live with peace of mind.

<"yoyu fund">


  • “Yoyu nutrition”, a nutritional supplement drink made from milk

“Yoyu nutrition” provided by “yoyu” is a complete nutritional drink for moms made by mixing with milk.
In the crowdfunding ( conducted from December 2021 to January 2022, the target amount was 100% achieved in the first 24 hours and 180% on the final day. It is a product that has achieved exactly what “Mom wants!”
Currently on sale on the official EC site.

Company name: conddy Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yoshiro Okumura, Representative Director
Location: 1204-1 Minamigamo, Kamo-cho, Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture
Date of establishment: November 1, 2021
Business: Providing nutrition, information, and mental support services for moms

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