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Since its introduction in 2020, “MyEA” has been sold out every season. A new model that is perfect for summer outfits has begun to be rolled out at Emporio Armani boutiques nationwide.

Both ends: “MyEA” large 51,700 yen Center: “MyEA” medium 48,400 yen
The imitation leather “MyEA”, which has appeared as a standard model, is a very popular item as a work bag because of its simple and functional design, but this model keeps its simple and functional design for holiday use. Introduced this time as an active bag.

The body part is made by carefully and alternately knitting two-color fibers to create a unique three-dimensional effect on the entire body, creating a nuanced one point. In addition, the opening is designed in a fringe style to add a more casual feel. It goes great with relaxing clothes such as resort dresses.

The details are carefully selected so as to give a feeling of relaxation but not to spoil the luxury of Emporio Armani. The handle is made of high-quality imitation leather that is indistinguishable from real leather, and the metal fittings are made of silver color with a beautiful shine. In addition, a patch engraved with the EMPORIO ARMANI brand logo on the front part casually insists on the brand.

Of course, even with this new model, the high functionality unique to “My EA” is still alive. Inside the bag, a snap-on, removable imitation leather pouch is included, depending on the size. The medium size model is the perfect size for storing small items that tend to be scattered inside the bag. For large models, it is a size that can also be used as a clutch bag, and is useful for storing wallets and mobile phones.

In addition, the shoulder strap of the combination of imitation leather and black fabric material is removable. The color balance between the bag body and the strap is beautiful, and it can be used as a diagonal bag or a shoulder bag, so it is perfect for summer holidays when you want to spend an active time.

This latest model of “MyEA” is being developed at Emporio Armani boutiques nationwide.

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[What is Emporio Armani]A brand born in Milan, Italy in 1981. The designer is Giorgio Armani.
While valuing comfort and free thinking, we propose a number of urban and sophisticated items. Emporio in Italian means “a big market where everything is available”. As the name implies, Emporio Armani offers a wide range of items such as men’s and ladies’ clothes, accessories, watches, perfumes, underwear and sportswear.

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