Launched a new support project “JFW Brand Support Program” sponsored by Japan Fashion Week Promotion Organization Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 Started from S / S season

Japan Fashion Week Promotion Organization (Chairman: Masahiko Miyake, Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) launched the “JFW Brand Support Program” to support new designers from the Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 S / S season. It was carried to.

The purpose of this program is to develop and support new talents who are expected to play an active role in the fashion industry globally through the mission “The gateway to the world of new designers” carried by JFW.

By supporting the award-winning brands of physical announcements throughout the year, we will expand the opportunities for brand growth and global recognition, and will lead to the challenge of digital expression methods that are expected to further develop for digital announcements. By doing so, we aim to give each award-winning brand an opportunity to move on to the next stage.

Japan Fashion Week TOKTO

Launched “JFW Brand Support Program”

■ Support contents of “JFW Brand Support Program”

In this program, one brand will be selected as the award-winning brand from each of the physical and digital announcements.

Prize money: 1,000,000 yen (excluding tax, in the case of individuals, the amount withheld)

・ In addition, official venue usage fee is free and participation registration fee is exempted, etc.

・ Registration exemption and participation registration exemption for the next season after receiving the award

Consultation is required for the announcement method according to the intention of the brand

Judging method: Actual judging of the work by the jury and qualitative evaluation by other items

Brand recruitment period: May 20, 2022 (Friday) -June 10, 2022 (Friday) 18:00 Must arrive (Japan time)

Announcement time: Scheduled for early July

Target conditions: Brands that make presentations in physical show format for the first time

Other details are below

Please check the “Web page about this program”.

How to apply: Please check the “Web page about this program” below.

Prize money: 500,000 yen (excluding tax, in the case of individuals, the amount withheld)

Judging target: By May 27, to Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 S / S

To apply for participation and participate in this Grand Prix examination

Agreed digital announcement brand

Judging method: For works and expression methods (artistic) by the judges

Qualitative evaluation and Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO official

YouTube account views (for a certain period after implementation)

Announcement time: Scheduled for the end of September

The composition of the judging committee will be announced at a later date as it is being adjusted.

Web page about this program

新たな支援企画「JFW ブランドサポート プログラム」を発足

* Details of support and announcement schedule are subject to change.

■ Caution

* No applications will be accepted after the deadline.

* We do not accept indirect applications from third parties (PR companies, production companies, etc.). Please apply from the brand.If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application, please contact Minegishi (

■ Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 S / S

Date: August 29th (Monday) -September 3rd (Saturday), 2022

Venue: Shibuya Hikarie, Omotesando Hills, and other venues

Organizer: Japan Fashion Week Promotion Organization

・ Official site:

・ YouTube channel:

・ Twitter:

・ Instagram:

・ Facebook:

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