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2022.05.24 NEW

The world’s No. 1 speaker for a summer home party!


The world's No. 1 speaker for a summer home party!If you connect to a dedicated smartphone app, you can perform various operations on your smartphone. In addition to the light rim used on the outer circumference of the woofer, a strobe light is also installed. You can also enjoy music visually with a light show that synchronizes with the beat. W27.6 x H32.7 x D29.3 cm. “JBL Party Box Encore Essential”. JBL online store selling price 27,500 yen (JBL / Harman International Call Center)

If you use it in your room,
It can also be a stylish interior!

In the summer when you feel more playful, some people rent a villa with a pool and plan something like a home party, right? After all music is indispensable in such a scene. Of course, speakers will be a necessity. I would like to introduce a party speaker from . In fact, the speakers of are so excellent that they boast the world’s top share in the party and event markets for the third consecutive year since 2019. Meanwhile, this is the latest work in the highly acclaimed series, and it is positioned as a portable party speaker that appeared in the smallest size. However, the sound quality itself is the quality of the high-end model, and a powerful sound of about 100W is realized. The quality of the three-dimensional effect and the sense of presence is also very high, and it seems to entertain the visitors a lot. Of course, because it is a portable speaker, it can be used in your own room. In addition to having a drip-proof function, it is easy to use, such as being able to play wirelessly for about 6 hours with a battery. If you have one, it will definitely play an active part in various scenes, so why not?The world's No. 1 speaker for a summer home party!


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