“On”, which is rapidly increasing in popularity, also participated in the war, and why famous sports brands gather in Harajuku. Adidas’ directly managed store, Originals, has also opened. The ever-evolving sports town Harajuku | JBpress autograph

Sentence = Masato Sakai Photo courtesy = Adidas, on Japan

Adidas Brand Center Harajuku

Hot area “Harajuku” in the sports world

In the Harajuku area, there are many spots that attract young people, such as Takeshita Street, which continues to send “KAWAII” to the world, Laforet Harajuku, Omotesando Hills, and Shibuya Parco.

On the other hand, there are plenty of sports facilities such as Yoyogi Park, Yoyogi National Stadium (1st and 2nd gymnasiums, futsal courts, indoor pool), Oda Field, and Miyashita Park. Sports MIX coordination is also popular in the fashion industry, and sports brand stores are gathered around Harajuku.

Nike Harajuku, ASICS Harajuku Flagship, New Balance Harajuku, Oakley Store Harajuku, Reebok Classic Store Harajuku. Puma Store Harajuku Cat Street opened on November 19th last year.

There are also shops such as Oshman’s Harajuku store, Murasaki Sports Harajuku Meiji-dori store, and soccer shop KAMO Harajuku store. This area is the hottest area in Japan for the sports world.

Moreover, it is changing every day. A remarkable shop was born this year. One of them is the Adidas Brand Center Harajuku (Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku, 4-30-3 Jingu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which opened on January 22nd.

Directly managed store of “Adidas” where you can experience sustainability

It will be a new directly managed store where you can experience sustainability, which is a little different from the conventional adidas shop. The store on the 3rd floor, 1st basement floor and 2nd floor above ground, not only has a wide lineup centered on footwear and apparel, but also has a sneaker cleaning service “SNEAKER SERVICE”, a water supply spot and an original bottle sales service “Water Fountain &”. “Water bottle” is installed for the first time in domestic stores. Collaboration art using discarded shoelaces is also on display.

Adidas Brand Center Harajuku Sneaker Cleaning Service

The sneaker cleaning service is especially interesting. As a manufacturer, it should be profitable to have new shoes purchased, but “EXPRESS CLEAN”, which is an easy maintenance only on the surface, is free (other plans are charged). Since valuing things is the most beneficial to the global environment, it may also play a role in making people aware of it.

In addition, adidas has renewed the adidas Originals Flagship Store Tokyo, which is the sixth store in the world and the largest roadside store in Japan. Adidas Originals Flagship Store Harajuku started on April 23rd. The number of exhibited products at the time of opening is 329 items, which is the largest in Japan. A variety of items such as standard models representing the brand, popular collaboration models, and limited models are lined up, including an in-store display of limited-edition products for the shopping app “CONFIRMED app” for sneaker heads.

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