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1. 1. “Top Gun Maverick” (2022) “Hold My Hand” / Lady Gaga


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The sequel to the masterpiece that the whole world has been waiting for is finally released.

The Cannes International Film Festival also draws attention to the Hollywood blockbusters that will be screened at the world premiere. This year, the upcoming release of Tom Cruise’s starring “Top Gun: Maverick of His Maverick” was screened and just received a five-minute standing ovation.


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The film will be released 35 years later, with director Joseph Kosinski taking a megaphone as a sequel to the classic “Top Gun” that everyone will know. The theme song “Hold My Hand” is a whole-body work that Lady Gaga has been working on for the same work for several years. The lyrics on 80’s pop, which drives a nostalgic mood, contain a positive and powerful message such as “hold hands and face difficulties.”

2. “Shoplifters” (2018) Original Soundtrack / Haruomi Hosono

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Director Koreeda x Haruomi Hosono. Japan’s world-class collaboration.

“Shoplifters” directed by Hirokazu Koreeda, who won the Palme d’Or in 2018, was nominated for the Academy Award “Foreign Language Film Award” in the same year, and won the most eight crowns including the Best Picture Award at the Japan Academy Awards. Haruomi Hosono, one of the leading musicians in Japan, produced the music for this work, which has been highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas.


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All songs composed only of live instruments and electronic music are original songs by Haruomi Hosono. Whether it’s an ambient with a minimal number of notes, a gentle Latin sound played by a mandolin, or a melancholy acoustic guitar, it naturally blends into the story without claiming any of the songs. It’s like a soundscape born from life.

Director Hirokazu Koreeda will participate in the competition category for the second time in four years with “Baby Broker” this year, and expectations are high for the award.

3. “TITANE” (2021) “She’s Not There” The Zombies

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A masterpiece of 60’s rock with a shocking work of madness and love.

“TITANE”, which was awarded last year’s Palme d’Or and is currently being released in Japan. Julia Ducournau, who is also talked about as the second female director at the young age of 37, teamed up with musician Jim Williams in the film.

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