mozo Wonder City “mozo Food Marche” 7/15 (Friday) Grand Opening | Press Releases from Nippon Toshi Fund Investment Corporation, KJR Management Co., Ltd., and Aeon Mall Co., Ltd.

Japan Toshi Fund Investment Corporation and AEON MALL Co., Ltd. have been carrying out a large-scale renewal of “mozo Wonder City” since March 2022. The food zone “mozo Food Marche” is a food zone with 8 stores, including 4 stores opening in commercial facilities for the first time, 4 stores opening in Nagoya for the first time, and 2 other stores opening in Japan for the first time. A total of 17 stores will be opened, mainly restaurants.

mozo Food Marche image perspective

In this renewal, we propose a new brand message, “A life with mozo, pursuing various unchanging comforts, such as comfort and sight.” I’m here. In addition to the pre-opened restaurant zone and new stores in the food court, “mozo Food Marche” is a place where you can feel free to stop by and buy a small gift for yourself or a small gift for someone special. It’s a new food zone with “stores”!

In addition, other gourmet shops such as groceries are scheduled to open one after another, such as the new Kitano Ace, which has the largest sales floor area in Japan, incorporating side dishes, lunch boxes, and tea specialty stores into the in-shop.

Mozo Wonder City will continue to aim to be a comfortable one-stop shopping mall that proposes a highly sensitive and rich life with a total of “clothing, food, and housing” as “living with mozo.”

Introduction of mozo Food Marche

mozo Food Marche (abbreviated as Mozomaru) is a food sales and eat-in zone where you can see the handiwork and creators’ faces. Redistribute the charm. In addition to 8 stores that can be used as a reward for yourself or as a small gift, a limited-time wagon shop is also planned.

・ Feel free to enjoy sweets to reward yourself for your recent hard work in the eat-in space.

・Enrich the taste of “food” through communication with creators.

・Make a cafe set with bread and drinks customized to your liking.

・Enjoy snacks and drinks by collaborating with tableware from general stores around.

・Buy a small gift for that important person and go home.

As a place to experience various “food” scenes such as those mentioned above, we will provide our customers with a rich “comfort”.


“LOWAS-co creation-“

Lifestyles Of Wonder And Sustainability

[Design theme]

・A timeless, simple and expansive space filled with the commitment of local products and the passion of the creators

・Environmentally friendly environment

・A space where you can enjoy eating, drinking and shopping while relaxing freely with a feeling of openness like outdoors or on a terrace



The “flag” that makes you feel the presence of “wind” and Marche, and the friendly and urban typeface, while following the mozo Wonder City logo “light brown” and “light green”, mozo Food Marche’s craft feeling and environmental design. Considering the affinity of the tree, we have adopted a “deep color inspired by the shade of a tree” that makes you feel “calm and relaxed”.

■Introduction of renewed stores

Renewal store

mozo wonder city 2022RN_mozo family, thrill

What is the communication theme for the large-scale renewal, “mozo family, thrilling.”

mozo is the sound when something starts to move.

Something is moving → Curious → I want to go/see.

It is a name that attracts people like that and makes them want to visit repeatedly.

From this large-scale renewal, we hope that many new friends (new stores) will be added to mozo with active “mozo mozo” movements (one after another) and many mozo fans will come. In addition, various events will be held under the theme of “mozo family (stores / fans), thrills.”

(Renewal site URL)

■ Taking the opportunity of the large-scale renewal, the brand message “Life with mozo.” will be launched!

Mozo pursues various unchanging “comfort” such as comfort and viewing, and proposes “life with mozo.”

From customers who use mozo to people who work at mozo,

We will provide hospitality so that you can feel “comfort” in “life with mozo.”

Taking this large-scale renewal as an opportunity, in order to re-establish a mozo brand,

We will take various actions under the theme of “life with mozo.”

(URL of brand message)

Mozo Wonder City 2022RN_Life with mozo.

Overview of mozo Wonder City facilities

Location: 40-1 Futabacho, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 452-0817, etc.

Operator: Japan Toshi Fund Investment Corporation

Operation and management: AEON MALL Co., Ltd., XYMAX Tokai Co., Ltd.

Facility scale: Site area: Approx. 107,000m2 Total floor area: Approx. 244,000m2

Business hours: Shop service 10:00-21:00

Restaurant 11:00-22:00

Aeon Style Wonder City 9:00-23:00

*Some stores and sales floors have different business hours.

Facility HP:

■ Mozo Wonder City Operator Overview

Operator: Japan City Fund Investment Corporation (

Assets held: 128 properties nationwide, approximately 1,211.1 billion yen (as of February 28, 2022)

Asset management company name: KJR Management Co., Ltd. (


Established in 2000 as an asset management company entrusted with asset management operations by Nippon Toshi Fund Investment Corporation.

Currently, it manages two J-REITs, and the balance of assets under management is one of the largest among J-REIT management companies.

The parent company is KKR (KKR & Co. Inc. (including its subsidiary)), one of the world’s leading investment management companies.

■ mozo wonder city location map

mozo wonder city location map

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