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The Japan Association for World Food Program (WFP), an authorized NPO (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Chairman: Hiroki Ando) held the 5th “WFP Walk the World Osaka” on May 29 (Sun) at Expo ’70 Commemorative Park, attracting 1,138 people. I walked through the greenery. It was canceled for two years in a row due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and this year it will be held in real life for the first time in three years.

“WFP Walk the World” is a participatory charity event that promotes the eradication of hunger among children in developing countries. This year, through donations of 880,240 yen, we will deliver school meals to 29,341 children.


At the opening ceremony, Chairman Ando said, “We will provide meals for about 30 yen per person, or 30,000 people. It will be very useful for the growth and education of children. Although it is sometimes difficult to go to school, having food means going to school and receiving an education leads to the development of the country.These WFP activities are part of the SDGs, “zero hunger” and “high quality food.” “Education for everyone” and “Let’s achieve gender equality”.In addition, I hope that the charity walk will be useful for everyone’s health maintenance.” Ms. Toritani, who welcomed us as a guest, said, “Through my activities to deliver shoes and stationery to children in developing countries, I have seen the underprivileged situation and decided to participate in this event. I hope that you will feel the satisfaction of being involved in helping children, and that you will share your memories of today with the people around you so that many people will take an interest in the hunger issue. I think,” he said.

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) is providing assistance that supports many lives, such as the current emergency assistance for Ukraine, and school lunch assistance is an important assistance that encourages the independence of children. 8 years to reach the SDGs goals. Japan is overflowing with goods and food, but solving the world’s food problem is also a major issue for the SDGs. We strive every day to reach our goals.



[Date]Sunday, May 29, 2022
10:00 – 10 km start after reception of participants
10:10- Opening ceremony
*Speakers: Hiroki Ando, ​​Chairman of the United Nations WFP Association, Keiji Goto, Mayor of Suita City, Kei Toritani, former professional baseball player
10:30 – 5km start after reception of participants

[Place]Expo’70 Commemorative Park (Starting venue: Green Space “Upper Square”)
[Participation fee]General 1,500 yen (of which 810 yen will be donated)
Elementary school students 500 yen (of which 140 yen is donated) *Free for preschoolers
[Donation Recipient]UN WFP School Meal Support
[Organizer]Japan Association for World Food Program (NPO)
[Support]United Nations World Food Program Japan Office, Suita City, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Osaka International Exchange Center, Japan Citizen Sports Federation, Japan Walking Association, Osaka Prefectural Walking Association, NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station
* WFP Walk the World website:

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