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◇ 29th ◇ Junior Women’s Singles Round 1 etc.

[Paris 29th = Tadahiro Yoshimatsu]Sayaka Ishii (16 = HSS), the second daughter of DeNA Takuro Ishii fielder general coach who played an active part in professional baseball DeNA BayStars and entered the Meikyukai, made her debut in the four major tournaments.

Ishii, who is 45th in the junior world, challenged 12th seed Daubro Neva (Slovakia) in 14th place, but lost 4-6 and 5-7, making his debut bittersweet debut.

My opponent is 1 win and 1 loss on this year’s Junior World Tour. Since he is the same age, Ishii is also a rival. Ishii took the lead in both sets. In particular, the second set was a 5-2 lead, and there were three set points, but he allowed a reversal, saying, “I couldn’t get it properly and gave confidence to the opponent.”

Before the match, my father sent me a message of encouragement on LINE saying, “Do your best, I’m supporting you.” And he said, “I’ll try to sit upright,” in front of the internet, saying that my father would sit upright. Mother Shiori said she was supposed to arrive in Paris that day, but she said, “She lost,” Ishii laughed bitterly.

Tennis, which started at the age of 5, won the All Japan Junior 18 and under at the age of 15 last year and became the No. 1 Japanese Junior. Although he was 16 years old, he was 173 cm tall, inherited from his father, and said, “The weight and speed of the stroke ball are not defeated.” is.

From September last year, he studied abroad at IMG Academy in Florida, where Kei Nishikori is based, and hone his skills at home. “The intensity of my training has increased and I am confident that I can focus on the tasks.” From this year, he gradually started to appear in general competitions.

I watched Wimbledon for the first time when I was 4th grade. As a spectator, he set up a tent and lined up all night to buy tickets. At that time, he saw the match of Yosuke Watanuki, who was the No. 1 Japanese men’s junior. He thought, “Juniors can also play here.”

I also watched a legendary match on the center court of the sanctuary. “At that time, I wanted to play here for the first time.” On this day, although he was a junior, he was the first player to set foot in the venue of the four major tournaments. He says, “I want to be a player who is supported by everyone.”

Haruka, an older sister who is three years older, is also a former tennis player. The two are said to have been named after her hymn because her mother, Shiori, is a Christian. “Sayaka seems to mean something like a kind child.” She is only 16 years old. With her trademark gentle smile and cheerful personality, she will surely make this day a step in the world.

◆ French Open Tennis will be broadcast live on WOWOW from May 22nd to June 5th. Live streamed on WOWOW On Demand and Tennis World.

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