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What is marine plastic?Plastic waste that flows into the sea from our daily lives and economic activities, is discarded directly into the sea and rivers, and eventually drifts in the ocean.It refers to Various countries and companies have been working on this issue in recent years. This time, we will explain the causes of the marine plastic problem with examples.

What is the marine plastic problem?

Because plastic products are durable and long-lasting, once they reach the sea they hardly decompose, and have a negative impact on the ecosystem of marine organisms and our lives. It is working. Let’s see what exactly is the problem.

  • threaten the life of marine life (fish, marine mammals, seabirds, etc.)
  • Loss of biodiversity and environmental conservation functions due to impacts on ecosystems
  • Declining catches (negative impact on fisheries)
  • Degradation of landscape due to marine plastic litter (adverse impact on tourism industry)
  • Long-term effects on the human body by ingesting fish and shellfish containing plastic components

plastic trash

Causes of marine plastic problem

There are various causes of the marine plastic problem, but the main causes include an increase in the production of plastic products, littering and improper disposal methods.
especially,80% of marine plastic flows from landSo, many of the regions that produce plastic waste are Asian countries,Japan is also a factorIt has become.

When we think of marine plastic pollution, we often imagine “littering” on the beach. Sometimes it is washed away by the rain, washed into rivers, and finally drifted into the sea.

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Countermeasures against the marine plastic problem

Currently, regions and companies around the world are banning the use of single-use plastic products one after another. For example, restaurants are replacing plastic straws with paper straws, shopping bags are being charged, and shops selling by weight, which do not require the use of disposable containers, are becoming popular, especially in Europe.

In Japan, the charge for plastic shopping bags started in July 2020. The government sees this initiative as an opportunity to reconsider people’s lifestyles, rather than fundamentally drastically reducing domestic plastic waste.

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what we can do

So what can we do about the marine plastic problem? Here are some easy things you can do:

  • Separate and dispose of garbage according to local rules
  • do not litter
  • recycle
  • Bring your own bottle and bag
  • Use refillable detergent

Why don’t you all start little by little with what you can do?

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