ASTRA FOOD PLAN, a food tech venture that challenges the solution of food loss problems with food zanza recycling equipment, raises funds from IDATEN Ventures and establishes its own laboratory | ASTRA FOOD PLAN Co., Ltd. press release

  • About “AFP Lab”

Based on the funds raised this time, we have set up an “AFP Lab” in the head office where we can carry out food drying and sterilization tests using the “superheated steamer” (* patent pending) at any time, and sell equipment and develop new ingredients. Accelerate application development.
The “superheated steamer” is a device that can perform drying and sterilization at the same time while suppressing deterioration and oxidation of the flavor of foodstuffs and reduction of nutritional value. It is highly versatile and can process various raw materials by adjusting the amount of heat and superheated steam. At the “AFP Lab”, we use the “superheated steamer” to test each ingredient together with food manufacturers and producers who have problems in utilizing food shavings, and in addition to confirming the workmanship, the processing capacity per hour. And yield are also provided as materials for measurement and consideration for equipment introduction.
In addition, as another purpose of “AFP Lab”, we will accumulate in-house drying and processing know-how required for each characteristic of ingredients, and carry out research and development to realize upcycling of various and wide range of ingredients. increase.

  • Cheap, fast, good. “Superheated steamer” 3 features

With the following three features, the “superheated steamer” can upcycle to high-value-added ingredients such as inedible parts of vegetables, rice bran, pomace of fruits, and beverages.

1. 1.Prevents deterioration and oxidation of the flavor of ingredients
By using high temperature steam superheated steam of several hundred degrees, it suppresses the oxidation of foodstuffs and prevents the loss of nutritional value and the deterioration of flavor. It is also known that the umami component increases depending on the foodstuff, and the nutritional value of vitamin E, β-carotene, folic acid, etc. is higher than that when hot air drying is used.

2. 2.Achieves low cost and high production efficiency
We have developed a boilerless superheated steam generator and realized drying and sterilization technology with extremely high energy efficiency by using it together with hot air. It is a continuous type with high production efficiency, and has cleared the cost issue of conventional drying technology.

3. 3.Speed ​​sterilization drying
The heating time for ingredients in a superheated steamer is only 5 to 10 seconds. While suppressing the deterioration of foodstuffs by heating for a short time, it can be sterilized firmly by the effect of superheated steam, so it can be processed safely.

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  • Work on developing applications for superheated steamed powder

In order to solve “Kakure Food Loss”, it is necessary not only to use dry sterilization technology but also to use “superheated steamed powder”. Currently, ASTRA FOOD PLAN is not only selling equipment, but also developing applications with food manufacturers.
In a prototype test with a major food manufacturer, it was found that the core and outer leaves of Chinese cabbage can be dried in a superheated steamer and then boiled to obtain a strong umami soup stock. Currently, the development of vegetable soup stock that is combined with other overheated steamed powder is underway using Chinese cabbage, which has been discarded as industrial waste at a large cost.
* “Superheated steaming” is a registered trademark of the Japan Patent Office.Registered Trademark No. 6534112

  • Comments from investors

Mr. Kenta Adachi, Representative Partner of IDATEN Ventures

The food loss problem (about 6 million tons per year / Japan), which has been attracting attention recently, does not include the disposal of food waste (about 20 million tons / Japan), which can be called “Kakure food loss”. Was a problem that the conventional method took too much time, cost, or space, and there was no clue to a drastic solution. For example, a food processing company that has a relationship with ASTRA FOOD PLAN disposes of tens of thousands of tons of vegetable waste annually for hundreds of millions of yen. This is because the transportation efficiency of vegetables containing water is poor, and even if you try to dry and dispose of them, the existing method will take too much time and cost. However, by applying the ASTRA FOOD PLAN technology here, it is possible to turn these vegetable soup stock into dry powder in a short time, at low cost, and in a small space, and in addition, this dry powder has the nutrition and quality of the vegetables themselves. Since it is maintained, it can be up-cycled by kneading it into other foods or using it for soup stock. This can be applied not only to vegetables, but also to fish and shellfish.
Representative Kano, an ASTRA FOOD PLAN entrepreneur, has the perfect background to drive this business. As IDATEN Ventures, which operates a venture capital fund specializing in investment in technology startups that support the transformation of “manufacturing and manufacturing,” we will “effectively utilize food waste without throwing it away.” We have invested to help ASTRA FOOD PLAN and Kano, who are trying to establish the world, to take on the challenge. We will work together to realize a sustainable society.

  • Representative Greeting (Chihiro Kano, President of ASTRA FOOD PLAN)

“too good to waste”-.
Every time I hear about the actual condition of food from customers who have considered introducing our “superheated steamer”, it is a word that is unintentionally leaked. Every day, I realize that unexpected food loss is occurring more than I imagined. We will establish know-how at AFP Lab so that a wide variety of ingredients can be upcycled with the “superheated steamer”.
The next destination of “Mottainai” is “Delicious!”. We believe that creating a mechanism for upcycling the superheated steamed powder produced by the “superheated steamer” as a raw material for final products that are delicious, safe, and have high added value in terms of nutritional value is the key to solving the food loss problem. increase.
We believe that solving the food loss problem that cannot be achieved by one company can be achieved by working on the entire supply chain, including food manufacturers. ASTRA FOOD PLAN aims to build a recycling-based food cycle that transcends industry boundaries and realizes a sustainable society.

Chihiro Kano

Born in Saitama prefecture. He has been interested in food since he was a child due to the influence of his father who is engaged in food-related business and his mother who is a dietitian, and has been consistently involved in food-related careers. After graduating from the Faculty of Nutrition at Kagawa Nutrition University, she engaged in manufacturing and sales at Rock Field Co., Ltd. After that, she was in charge of product planning and launching a new brand “Nihonbashi Eitaro” at Eitaro Sohonpo Co., Ltd., and she also experienced rebranding of a Japanese confectionery brand that has continued for more than 150 years. She is engaged in the product development of bento boxes at Tsukada Farm Plus Co., Ltd. In the course of her career, at a company founded by her father Tsutomu Kano, she is in charge of everything from product development to sales and sales using puree manufacturing technology with superheated steam, and she is for corporations of superheated steam ovens. Also engaged in sales. After she retired from the company, she also experienced a supermarket butcher shop corner and a housekeeper specializing in food, and in August 2020 she established ASTRA FOOD PLAN as a new business using superheated steam technology. She becomes president and representative director.


ASTRA FOOD PLAN is a food tech venture that develops and sells a food drying device “superheated steamer” (* patent pending) that uses superheated steam technology.
Since the “superheated steamer” has achieved high production efficiency and cost performance, it adds value to the food ingredients of inedible parts such as vegetable cores, skins, and sardines that could not be effectively utilized due to the problem of conventional costs. You can upcycle to high-quality ingredients.
At the same time as selling the “superheated steamer” to businesses that have the problem of disposing of food waste, we aim to solve the food loss problem by developing applications for new food ingredients made with this device in cooperation with food manufacturers. I am.

ASTRA FOOD PLAN homepage: Https://

[Press Release]ASTRA FOOD PLAN starts selling “Overheated Steamer”, a food shavings regenerator, to solve the “Kakure Food Loss” problem.

【Company Profile】
Company name: ASTRA FOOD PLAN Co., Ltd.
Headquarters location: 1-10-26 Tsurusehigashi, Fujimi City, Saitama Prefecture
Representative Director: Chihiro Kano
Established: August 2020

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