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[Horoscope]Good luck colors and items in June ★ July-December born edition ★

What is the fortune of June fortune-telling by popular fortune-teller mai? Check the message from the stars and the lucky color to improve your luck!

If you wear a color that improves your luck, you should be able to spend your time with a positive feeling every day. Get a lucky item specially selected for you by fortune-teller mai and run through to the summer!

★ If you were born in January to June, check here! ★

Cancer (born June 22nd-July 22nd)

When you succeed at your own pace. You will feel that you are riding a wave of luck. Receive the gift of the moment when the timing of good luck matches with you in Cancer who has been working positively and steadily.

Add a lucky color and improve your luck! :gray

A discreet yet stable gray gives you the power to keep going until you succeed.

Object BUSTES socles Flammes ¥ 17,600 (Michel Lemon / H.P. Deco)

Leo (born July 23-August 22)

When to fulfill your wishes. The true feelings and passion that slept in my heart. It drives you in Leo. You can be confident in your ideas and your intuition and inspiration.

Add a lucky color and improve your luck! : Silver

Silver that supports you so that you can exert your strength at any time. All my wishes work.

Earrings ¥ 22,000 (Bonnie / Edstrom Office)

Virgo (born August 23-September 22)

When to take action. The time is full. Your talent in Virgo will continue to bloom. It will change from a job for life to a job for your own joy. enjoy.

Add a lucky color and improve your luck! :yellow

Yellow is an action color that supports the speedy realization of everything.

Single earrings “Magic Shroom Stud”[14K yellow gold, enamel, diamond]HONEY COLOR ¥ 60,500 (Alison Lou / Ash P. France Bijou Omotesando store)

Libra (born September 23-October 22)

When to deepen the bond. Tell people about your pure thoughts or write them down in a notebook. If you spend your time as you are, prioritizing your life, you will meet people who can share your joy.

Add a lucky color and improve your luck! :khaki

A gentle color khaki. Accept your thoughts, harmonize your mind and body, breathe deeply, and balance.

Selvoke Infinity Color EX16 Ash Green ¥ 3,520 (Celvoke)

Scorpio (born October 23-November 21)

When you can build your ideal relationships. Relax your shoulders and give yourself the kindness and gratitude you have given to others. The cycle of happiness will begin and you will meet your ideal partner.

Add a lucky color and improve your luck! :Brown

The brown color with a sense of security and warmth has an outstanding relaxing effect. Brings a sense of fulfillment and stability.

Sagittarius (born November 22nd-December 21st)

Time to find the best way. If you have a way to go, believe in intuition. Anxiety is an illusion. Receive only excitement and think about how you can do it. Respect your will.

Add a lucky color and improve your luck! :purple

Purple, which enhances intuition, supports you to bring out your true feelings and demonstrates your ability to go your own way.

Sunglasses ¥ 48,730 (Prada / Luxottica Japan Customer Service)

Capricorn (born December 22nd-January 19th)

A time of great leap forward. You will notice your true intentions and the energy you emit will change. Your thoughts and actions will change, and you will have a “attracting” constitution that allows you to realize what you think. Love yourself and fulfill your wishes.

Add a lucky color and improve your luck! :orange

Orange has the power of color to act positively towards a solution. Bringing wisdom and vitality towards realization.

Dress ¥ 139,700 (Victoria Beckham / Eastland)

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