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The outfit is refreshing at once! A must-have for summer is the “canvas bag”!

If you want to actively incorporate it in the coming season, we recommend items with a resort feel that you can enjoy the feeling of summer. Because when the temperature rises and it gets hot, cool things look fashionable to the eyes. Of course, dressing is important, but one of the fashionable techniques is to control the heat by looking at it. Then, a bag made of canvas material comes in handy at such times. Any outfit can be transformed into a resort tic at once, so there is no loss in having it!

The canvas has a lighter texture than a leather bag, but it also has a natural feel like a basket bag, so it is good at creating a resort feeling. However, no matter how cool it is, the casual feeling is undeniable. I want to produce it because it feels like an adult resort. Therefore, the one that uses leather partially is especially recommended among the canvas bags. If this is the case, dignity is added casually and it is definitely suitable for adults!


tote bag. W40 x H16 x D30 cm. 178,200 yen (Burberry / Burberry Japan)

Mobile phone case 81,400 yen (Burberry / Burberry Japan)

With stitched leather
Dignified in a casual bag!

The easy-to-use canvas bag has a sharp square shape and gold-tone metal fittings for an elegant and modern impression. The handle, strap, and trimmed leather are top-stitched to give it a mature and classical look. The logo of the tote bag is plus the letters “Horseferry”, which is the location of the headquarters in London. Also, for the tab of the phone case, I would like to pay attention to the details that created the traditional style by using a monogram using the brand’s founder’s initials!


W37 x H39 x D17.5 cm. 175,000 yen (Saint Laurent by Anthony Vacalero / Saint Laurent Client Service)

For chic monotone
For an urban look!

A canvas tote bag with a stylish logo print and snap buttons with engraved logo accentuated to create a rich atmosphere. Although it has a simple design, it looks very modern because it is organized in monotone with black effect. However, it is light thanks to the canvas material of cotton linen that is suitable for resorts. This makes it easy to incorporate into town use with elegant outfits.

[ジル サンダー+]

W45 x H53 x D3 cm. 286,000 yen (Jil Sander + By Lucy And Luke Mayer / Jil Sander Japan)

Layer cotton nets
Further improve the freshness!

The canvas material and cotton rope are used to create a relaxed style, and a cotton net is layered to create a more summery refreshing feeling. If you carry the rope part on your back, you can use it as a backpack, and if you use the leather handle, you can change the specifications according to the scene, which is also a nice point. I want to add a resort feeling to everyday casual wear by making the best use of the natural texture and color.


W43.7 x H44 x D13 cm. 166,100 yen (Loewe / Loewe Japan Client Service)

With color line and embossing
Crossbody tote with a twist

The off-white canvas is decorated with colorful border lines to add a sporty look that is typical of this season. The accent of this line gives off a marine taste, so it’s perfect as a beach companion. The base canvas material is partially embossed with anagrams, and the shoulders are leathered, giving it a simple yet flat look. In addition, the lining is also made of herringbone-patterned cotton canvas material, which adds a stylish touch to the invisible parts!


W16 x H40 x D33. 129,800 yen (Marni / Marni Japan Client Service)

Natural & rich
Bag with two faces

An open-top tote that allows you to enjoy the relaxed feeling of canvas material and the texture of high-quality leather at the same time. Since the front is made of canvas and the back is made of leather, the biggest attraction is that it gives off different expressions in the front and back. Furthermore, the switching part between the handle and the material is left uncut, making it one of the design points. If you are already using a simple canvas bag, I recommend the type that can claim such individuality.


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Photo = Koki Marumasu Styling = Takumi Tagawa = Satomi Maeda
photo: Kouki Marueki (BOIL) styling: Takumi Tagawa (remix) text: Satomi Maeda

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