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The “Sports for Social Summit 2022 summer”, an online event for sports and social contributions, will be held from June 7 (Tue) to June 9 (Thu), 2022. We will introduce the highlights of each session.

In the opening session, Session.1, titled “How professional sports teams should promote social contribution activities,” we will invite the team managers of three sports that lead the professional sports world in Japan to take the podium.

Nobuo Motozawa (DeNA Kawasaki Brave Thunders Co., Ltd. President)
Toru Enoki (President, Oita Football Club Co., Ltd.)
Hiroshi Yamaya (President and CEO, Shizuoka Blue Revs Co., Ltd.)

Through sports, we can have fun together

Mr. Nobuo Motozawa, representative director of the professional basketball league “B.LEAGUE”, Kawasaki Brave Thunders, will take the stage. Kawasaki Brave Thunders launched the “&ONE Project” in 2020 and is “proactively” working as a sports club to achieve the SDGs goals.


I’ll do this.Beyond the Kawasaki Brave Thunders “&ONE” Project2020-2021 season, the most exposed SDGs event in the B League. It is Kawasaki Brave Thunders’ “&ONE days” (held for two days on March 26th and 27th). The “&ONE” project started in September 2020. We interviewed President Nobuo Motozawa (hereafter referred to as Motozawa), who serves as the project leader himself and leads the activities, about the overview and future. …

Mr. Motozawa, who leads the &ONE project as a leader himself, says that “strength”, “popularity”, and “proactive contribution to society and the community” are important elements of a sports team that is loved by the community. . The SDGs are one of the indicators for realizing this proactive social and regional contribution. As a team, we have decided to seriously work on the SDGs, which are highly compatible with the beloved element of “proactive social and regional contributions,” and are developing activities that involve not only staff but also players.

One day to work on all 17 SDGs, “&ONE days” is working on many SDGs actions, such as selling local vegetables at the venue.

Previously, Mr. Motozawa said this in an interview with Sports for Social.

I understand the philosophy, but I think there are many things in the world that I don’t feel personally, but that I think society should do. It may sound naive to put it through sports, but you can have fun together. I believe that this is the great power of sports, and that is why I believe that sports clubs should take the lead in such social activities.

Realizing a diverse society through universal sports

The “Universal Sports Experience Corner” is being held at the home game venue of Oita Trinita, which belongs to the Japan Professional Soccer League (commonly known as the J League). Supporters who visit the games can experience para-sports (universal sports) such as powerlifting and wheelchair basketball.
Universal sports that everyone can participate in and enjoy regardless of nationality, gender and age will lead to the realization of a diverse society.

Para sports experience

From “Know” to “Experience”. Let’s spread the heart of compassion. ~Oita Trinita~J.League Oita Trinita cooperated with Net One Systems Co., Ltd., a uniform sponsor and social action partner, to create a social…

Speaking of the J.League, the company name has been abolished since its inauguration and has been closely related to the community. Among them, Oita Trinita, which was established from a citizen’s club, has been making efforts to contribute to the community and understand diversity even before the recent trend of SDGs.

In addition, efforts with away teams will also start this season. The activity called “used clothes de vaccine” calls for supporters not only at home game venues but also at away game venues to collect used clothes. It is not only a hometown activity in our own area, but also an activity that involves opponents and people in other areas as a social contribution activity, and we will ask about the effects and reactions.

“Sports teams cannot exist unless they contribute to society.”

Shizuoka Blue Revs belonging to Japan Rugby League One, which started in 2021. Upon turning professional, the team name was changed to Yamaha Motor Jubilo. We have clarified our intention to walk together with the community.

Hiroshi Yamatani, who serves as the company’s representative, clearly states, “A sports team cannot exist unless it contributes to society.” How do you position and promote “social contribution” even though it is a new league that has just been established and a team with a new system?

Also pay attention to Mr. Yamatani’s passion, saying, “Sports are not absolutely necessary for survival. Therefore, we cannot exist unless we contribute to the happiness of the community, which is necessary for society.” .

Highlights of this session

A talk session by managers of three professional sports teams with different sports. If social contribution activities are carried out half-heartedly, they may look like a pause. How do they think and lead as managers? There are many interesting points, such as what they have in common and what differences exist depending on the region, event, and history.
Please pay attention to the session, which will be very helpful not only for those involved in the sports business, but also for how to proceed with social contribution activities as a company.

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◆Session.1 Overview
June 7 (Tue) 17:00-17:50
Title: “How Professional Sports Teams Should Promote Social Contribution Activities”
Nobuo Motozawa (DeNA Kawasaki Brave Thunders Co., Ltd. President)
Toru Enoki (President, Oita Football Club Co., Ltd.)
Hiroshi Yamaya (President and CEO, Shizuoka Blue Revs Co., Ltd.)

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