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2022.05.31 NEW

[Sneakers]Easy without strings, yet rich and fashionable!

Nowadays, “comfortable to wear” is the key to fashion, and the comfort of your feet is especially attracting attention recently. If you can walk easily, your range of activities will expand and you can enjoy it all day long. When that happens, slip-on sneakers are what you want to choose. Perfect because the whole leg doesn’t get cramped. However, if you are an adult, you want not only to be comfortable, but also to have an adultness that suits your outfit. If so, what is encouraging is the slip-on brand of the superior brand!

Of course, the waves that make your feet comfortable are rushing to the Maison, and many propose slip-on types. What makes me happy is that, like a luxury brand, there are a lot of things that not only feel comfortable to wear but also look stylish. Please find a pair that suits your taste from here!


132,000 yen (Fendi / Fendi Japan)

With futuristic design
Exhilarating colors are fun!

A one-tone slip-on “Fendi Flow”. The light and refreshing coloring is also a highlight, but the streamlined design that seems to embody the model name is beautiful. Did you notice that the “F” logo is casually placed in it? Jacquard knit is used for the upper. It’s breathable so you can always feel comfortable. The eye-catching design that matches any outfit makes it a good companion for adult style.

[セリーヌ オム バイ エディ・スリマン]

Estimated price 74,800 yen (Celine Homme by Hedi Slimane / Celine Japan)

Because it’s easy to put on and take off
Immediately jump into bed !?

“Elliott slip-on” with the lettered that appeared in many collections on the upper. The making itself is very simple, with a cotton canvas upper + rubber sole and an off-white base color, but the lettered print is still eye-catching. By the way, this lettered is translated into Japanese as “good night”. You can take it off quickly and lie down on the bed right away !? It’s like a phrase used especially for lovers and loved ones.

[ジョルジオ アルマーニ]

80,300 yen (Giorgio Armani / Giorgio Armani Japan)

Casual feeling and good dignity
A well-balanced pair

Using an upper that combines high-performance materials and leather, the coloring is also an adult-like astringent tone. The form is a little sharp, and the easy design that is easy to put on and take off is finished with plenty of dignity. By using piping made of calf leather, the degree of sophistication is greatly improved. It’s the perfect pair for an adult holiday style.


79,200 yen (Moncler / Moncler Japan)

In addition to ease
Also features a beautiful form!

A refreshing pair of stunned shoes with a monochrome leaf pattern drawn in a classic slip-on style featuring a rubber sole wrapped up to the side. You can enjoy the beauty of the form and the supple return of the sole by carefully making it by the Vulcanize manufacturing method. The outsole with a logo-inspired pattern is non-slip and can be worn safely even after the rain.

Photo = Koki Marumasu Styling = Takumi Tagawa = Yuta Yagi
photo: Kouki Marueki (BOIL) styling: Takumi Tagawa (remix) text: Yuta Yagi

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