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“Tokyo, with its unique challenges of rich food history, advanced culture and urban sustainability, is an ideal environment for exploring and practicing food system innovation. We know the power of innovation-inspiring collaboration and expand our global network of partner entrepreneurs, opinion leaders and activists within the Tokyo community to facilitate the transition to a sustainable development framework. I’m looking forward to it. “–Sara Roversi (Representative of Future Food Institute)

Digital boot camp from companies such as SB Foods Co., Ltd., Dole, Shikishima Bread Co., Ltd., Mizuho Securities, Aranea, Floatmeal, etc. Focusing on the goal of “enabling prosperity,” we explore the core themes of renewable agriculture, cities, oceans, and kitchens, as well as design and “prosperity thinking” (beyond user-centric design, with humanity. Participated in a session on (a method developed by Future Food) that elicits creativity to focus on global growth. A month of professional training included face-to-face networking sessions and online sessions with outside instructors, giving participants access to innovative ideas and approaches from world leaders.

Below are the impressions of the boot camp participants.
“I learned from participating in the Climate Shapers boot camp that there are many food challenges and that different players are developing and providing their own solutions. I feel strongly about participating in the boot camp. There are two things. To act and to connect with people. Players who are facing food challenges are strongly attracted to the fact that they have various beliefs and take action without fear. Also, as I met and exchanged opinions with various people, I was very pleased that my cognition expanded and transformed. I will continue to build networks with various people and solve food problems. I would like to participate in. “-Mr. Shin Minamino (Participants in Boot Camp, SB Foods Co., Ltd.)


To address global crises such as climate change, we know the challenges and our actions that are exacerbating them, devise innovative solutions to regenerate valuable resources, and our global stakeholders. We need an integrated approach that combines active engagement. Through its interrelated ecosystem of community involvement, academic preparation, and design and development of food innovation, Future food is a unique organization that provides the Japanese market with activities and educational programs that have a great impact on society.

This Japan-focused boot camp face-to-face session was launched in 2020 to build a sustainable food ecosystem in the Kyobashi area of ​​Tokyo, Future Food Institute and Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. It was carried out in the joint project “Kyobashi Living Lab”. Kyobashi Living Lab aims to raise awareness of food sustainability issues by linking food innovation with community initiatives by utilizing the facilities that exist in the lab.

“As part of the Future Food Institute’s efforts to realize a sustainable society through food, this Japan’s first boot camp has become an ideal educational opportunity utilizing a global network of activities. The input from active instructors, lively questions and answers, and hackathons have helped participants to broaden their professional network and thinking to support sustainable activities in the future. As a hub of the food ecosystem. , We will continue to collaborate with the Future Food Institute. “-Mr. Akihiro Sawada (Tokyo Building, Tokyo Food Institute)

This Digital Bootcamp Japan Edition is the first in a series of Japan-focused events, corporate education programs, research initiatives, collaborations, hackathons and product launches scheduled for 2022, all in the food ecosystem. It aims to accelerate innovation that will bring about change.
If you are an individual or group looking to collaborate on designing and enhancing a more renewable global food system and want to expand your commitment to sustainable development, please contact us at

About Future Food Institute
The Future Food Institute is an international ecosystem that aims to sustainably develop life on earth through education and innovation in the global food system. We are working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by fostering the next generation of change makers, empowering communities, and involving governments and industry to achieve practical innovation.
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About Tokyo Food Institute (TFI)
Tokyo Food Institute (TFI) aims to create the future of food from Tokyo by supporting new food-related businesses, developing human resources, and building a food ecosystem that promotes co-creation with various domestic and foreign players. We are doing activities.
TFI promotes the following activities.
・ Providing learning opportunities for people involved in food, and fostering leaders who will lead the next generation and those who are interested in the field of food.
・ Creating a place where diverse people who are interested in food can gather, exchange opinions casually and seriously, and create value based on trust.
・ We will practice the new value created by connecting diverse people with the city, and aim to make the entire Yaesu, Nihonbashi, and Kyobashi areas a living lab that can continuously update the future of food.
・ Dissemination of various initiatives that will lead to the future of food both domestically and internationally.

Official site –

About Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. is the first comprehensive real estate company in Japan founded in 1896. Our long-term vision, aiming for around 2030, aims to evolve into a next-generation developer who can achieve both “solving social issues” and “growth as a company” at a higher level. Positioning “town development that contributes to the solution of social issues” as a priority strategy, we are working on the following to realize it.
・ Exchange with diverse people and companies, and form a prosperous community
・ Respect for regional history and culture
・ Realization of a sustainable society
・ Collaboration with various partners and utilization of advanced technologies with the central theme of solving social issues

In the Yaesu / Nihonbashi / Kyobashi area, we will set up and operate “Kitchen Studio SUIBA”, a kitchen space that creates communication and liveliness through food, and “TOKYO FOOD LAB”, a place for demonstration experiments and social implementation to solve social issues related to food. doing.


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