[French Tennis]Ena Shibahara “Like a Dream” 4 major tournaments for the first time in 23 years Japanese mixed doubles V 1999 Following Ai Sugiyama in the United States –Tennis: Nikkan Sports

Shibahara (right), Korhoff group (AP) kissing the cup at the award after winning the mixed doubles

Shibahara (right), Korhoff group (AP) kissing the cup at the award after winning the mixed doubles

◇ 2nd ◇ Mixed Doubles Final

[Paris (France) = Tadahiro Yoshimatsu]No. 2 seed Eina Shibahara (24 = Hashimoto Sogyo) Wesley Koolhof (Netherlands), Urike Aikeli (Norway) Joran Vliegen (Belgium) 7-6, 6 Defeated by -2 and won the mixed doubles of the four major tournaments for the first time. The victory of the same event was a feat following Ai Sugiyama and Mahesh Bhupathi (India) in the United States in 1999, and Rika Hiraki and Bhupathi in 1997 in the French Open.

At the end, Shibahara decided on Service Ace. The moment he decided to win, he raised his arms and made a guts pose. He was delighted to hug Korhof. At the ceremony, he said in English, “I want to thank my partner. It’s great. Winning is like a dream.”

The strongest pair was formed by “Love Call” from Cole Hoff, the runner-up of the US Doubles in 20 years. Shibahara was invited on Instagram in April and formed for the first time in this tournament. In the first round she won the 10-point tiebreaker in the final set and got on the wave. Both are versatile, and Shibahara says, “Both can do anything. I trust them very much.” Korhof said, “I made a pair for the first time, but I was able to play well. I want to continue pairing.”

Shibahara was born and raised in California, USA, to Japanese parents. He dreamed of advancing to the finals of the four major tournaments and participating in the Tokyo Olympics, and he chose Japanese nationality to play as a representative of Japan. However, she lost the first round in the doubles with Shuko Aoyama at the Tokyo Olympics. She stepped in front of her dream, with her Australian Open being a little over four this year.

Akado was a poor coat for Shibahara, who is good at fast tempo. At the highest peak of the red clay, he advanced to the final on the 1st and reached the top. “I believed that I could win with confidence. Thank you to everyone who supported me.” It was a tournament that gained new experience and confidence.

◆ Eina Shibahara Born in California, USA on February 12, 1988 (Showa 63). Due to the work of her father Yoshiyasu, she was born and raised in the United States. She started playing tennis at the age of seven, and in 2016 she won the US Open Juniors double. She is a top junior in the United States and she attends the University of California, Los Angeles. She was ranked 4th in the National College Singles for 17 years. She turned her professional for 19 years and took a leave of absence from her college. She has won a total of eight wins in the doubles of the tour and entered the top four in the Australian Open in 2010. In March of the same year, she was ranked fourth in the world for her best doubles. Her family is her parents and a family of five with her two older brothers. She is 173 cm and 60 kg.

◆ Mixed Doubles World Tour is an event that is held only in the four major tournaments. Basically, based on the world ranking of doubles, the entry to the main race and the seed are decided. You won’t get points in the world rankings, but you can win prizes. The official event of the four major tournaments will be engraved with the names of successive winners. In the past, the mix of Japanese players has won once for boys and twice for girls, and Shibahara is the fourth. At the Olympics, it revived as an event from the 2012 London Games.

◆ WOWOW broadcast scheduled from 9:30 pm on the 3rd. From 0:20 am on the 4th. Both are WOWOW live. Live broadcast. Men’s singles semi-finals and others. All courts will be live streamed on WOWOW On Demand and WOWOW Tennis World.

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