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4 adult “going out sandals”!

The light feet are cool to the eyes. What is important there is a sense of cleanliness and adult dignity that never makes you feel loose. Elegant sandals can be worn dressy and give a good impression to the surroundings. The moment she wears it, summer begins.


Hermes sandals electricShoes 117,700 yen, pants 115,500 yen (Hermes / Hermes Japon)


The rubber sole, which looks like a sneaker, is lightweight and has excellent cushioning, so you can enjoy a comfortable fit. The leather strap dares to take advantage of the uncut edges, and the back strap with the functionality of velcro fastening creates an urban sporty style. This is also a refinement unique to .


Giorgio Armani Shoes Mesh MuleShoes 184,800 yen, linen pants 143,000 yen, tote bag 184,800 yen, linen bruzon on the bag 286,000 yen (Giorgio Armani / Giorgio Armani Japan)

Giorgio Armani
“Mesh mules”

The unique hybrid style that combines loafers and sandals is full of . The upper uses calf, while the side mesh uses polyester. It has both a calm design and a refreshing comfort. The accented horsebit is also casual and light.


Dior Sandals Dior AlphaShoes 97,900 yen, pants reference price 132,000 yen, bag 264,000 yen (more than Dior / Christian Dior)

“Dior Alpha”

The upper is based on the icon “Dior Oblique” devised by artistic director Marc Bohan in 1967, and the nylon strap tightens it stylishly. A solid rubber sole and a rubber panel on the toe to protect the toes support light footwork.


Salvatore Ferragamo sandals Gancio embossed sandalsShoes 108,900 yen, pants 165,000 yen, cardigan 181,500 yen (Salvatore Ferragamo / Ferragamo Japan)

Salvatore Ferragamo
“Gancio embossed sandals”

In a simple sandal style, the strap is embossed with the Gancio pattern that symbolizes the brand. In addition, smooth calf leather is used for the lining. Combined with a padded insole, it is comfortable to wear. The rubber sole unified in the same color also creates a chic and high-quality atmosphere.

Photo = Takashi Noguchi Styling = Hirofumi Nakagawara = Mitsuru Shibata Composition = Keiko Oshima
photo: Takashi Noguchi styling: Kan Nakagawara (CaNN) text: Mitsuru Shibata composition: Keiko Oshima

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