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ANIMALE PANDA is popular for its lovely expression with drooping eyes. Starting with a three-dimensional wire bag with a laid-back shape, we are now developing various items such as wallets and costume jewelry, all of which are loved not only by panda fans but also by many people. Among the ANTEPRIMA animal series, a new work has appeared in this series, which has been continuously gaining popularity since its release. He is popular in two types: a mini bag of the same size as the STANDARD MINIATURA, and a square-shaped tote bag with twin pandas peeking out.

To commemorate the release of the new work, from June 1st to June 14th, 2022, we will hold “PANDA FAIR” with panda items at Shibuya Scramble Square. A 170 cm high giant panda wire bag will also be on display to welcome you. In addition, during the fair period, first-come-first-served customers who purchase over 5,000 yen including tax will receive an “ANTEPRIMA original uchiwa” with a cute panda pattern. Please take this opportunity to visit ANIMALE PANDA.

■ Period: June 1st (Tuesday) -June 14th (Tuesday), 2022
■ Location: Shibuya Scramble Square 4F Space4 (
■ Novelty: ANTEPRIMA original Uchiwa
A first-come-first-served gift for those who purchase over 5,000 yen including tax. * Limited quantity. The number is limited.

Product information

A trendy mini bag with the same size as the standard Miniatura. It is an excellent item that fits necessities such as bi-fold wallets, smartphones, and lipsticks, and is perfect for a little outing or a coordinated accent. The attached removable chain can be arranged and used in 3 ways, shoulder and diagonal.

Product number: PB22F090DR
Price: 47,300 yen (tax included)
Size: W: 18.5 H: 16 cm
Color: NERO OPACO x LATTE OPACO (enamel black x matte white)

Easy-to-use tote bag type with the same size as standard / square large. It is a new design with twin pandas peeking out in the body of the Aurora White bag. We also added design points that are typical of Anteprima, such as treating fiori (flowers).

Pre-sale products at Shibuya Scramble Square store, Daimaru Kyoto store, Daimaru Umeda store, Daimaru Kobe store, and Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin store. (Shibuya Scramble Square store is only available during the fair period.)

Product number: PB22F090DS
Price: 89,100 yen (tax included)
Size: W: 32 H: 27 cm
Color: NERO OPACO x LATTE OPACO (enamel black x matte white)
* Pre-sale products at Shibuya Scramble Square store and Daimaru store

・ Anteprima Online Store (
・ Anteprima / wire bag stores nationwide (

The wire bag, which can be said to be Anteprima’s signature, debuted in 1998. With the theme of Fun & Joy, more than 600 styles and more than 100 colors have been announced to date, and the variations are becoming more and more rich with each season. The bag that shines brightly in the light is made by carefully knitting a prism-like glossy wire cord by hand by craftsmen. One of the features is that it has moderate elasticity and its shape changes when you store things inside. The basic form regardless of style fits the lifestyle of women and blends into every scene to give a lively enjoyment.

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