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THE UPSIDE High-performance wear made by yogi designers.

THE UPSIDE, an active wear brand by Australian designer Jodhi Meares who loves yoga. Practical and highly designed items made by making the best use of your own experience are available. We are also active in sustainable manufacturing, and we are also developing items using GOTS-certified organic cotton. It’s a brand with a wide range of clothing that looks great not only in yoga and workout scenes, but also in town.


¥ 4,350


THE UPSIDE tank top

¥ 10,790



¥ 14,549


THE UPSIDE leggings

¥ 16,579


XEXYMIX From Korea! Produce a beautiful body with yoga wear.

XEXYMIX is a Korean brand with trendy workout wear. Leggings that look beautiful on the legs and a patterned bra top with a pad that can be worn with one piece are likely to be useful as summer daywear. The best-selling leggings that can be styled up may not be returned once you wear them.

ECOALF Sustainable brand that “makes clothes to protect the global environment”.

Ecoalf (ECOALF) makes all items using only recycled materials and natural materials with low environmental burden. We have produced products that can be used habitually for a long time regardless of trends, with the same high quality as non-recycled products. Recycled materials are also used for yoga wear, and the lineup includes bra tops and leggings that are functional and comfortable to wear.

ECOALF Yoga Tops

ECOALF basic leggings

LULULEMON A wide range of yoga wear to get a beautiful body line.

LULULEMON is a Canadian yoga wear label that is very popular in Japan. We develop items using the latest technical fabrics developed with engineers, neuroscientists, and biomechanists. Leggings and relaxing wear that complement the body line beautifully should be incorporated into the athleisure look.

LULULEMON tank top

¥ 3,990


LULULEMON jersey top

¥ 6,459


LULULEMON sportswear

¥ 2,891


LULULEMON High Rise Shorts

¥ 4,864


A Japanese brand that is also very active as EMMI daywear.

If you’re looking for an item that you can enjoy without having to change clothes, go to a cafe, take a train, or go back and forth to the gym, check out EMMI. Items that are packed with details and attention to materials unique to Japanese brands are also outstandingly comfortable to wear. The “Logo Drape Tank Top”, a washable material with excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties, and the “Sustina Letch Pullover”, which has a cool contact feeling and UV cut function, are sure to play an active role this summer!

EMMI Sustina Letch Pullover

EMMI logo drape tank top

EMMI Design Cup Incamisole

Editor: Sakura Karugane

* Prices and other information are as of the time of writing. Please check the sales page for the latest stock status and selling price, as it is subject to change.

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