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What is “dandy” summer clothes these days?

Dressing up at this time is exciting. Enjoy the chic fashion that you might give up in the heat of the heat, and enjoy the fleeting summer mood. Each item has an adult’s leeway and dandyism. Such a dignified figure calls Ryo.

Baguta’s “Open Color Shirt”
What is is based on the traditional Neapolitan style and sublimates contemporary with free ideas. It is an original brand of CIT, which is responsible for many OEM production of famous brands, and pour high technology cultivated. Black lightweight cotton with a cool open collar and left and right chest pockets.
Shirt 29,700 yen (Bagtta / Barneys New York Customer Center), pants B, jacket C, hat the same as D

Number M’s “Cotton Linen Easy Pants”
What is Based on the concept of “wearing a design”, both a sense of mode and a relaxed wearing comfort are achieved. The one-tuck taped silhouette can be worn neatly without any thighs. With a natural hemp-blended texture and a drawcord on the inside of the waist, these easy pants look great on casual wear.
Pants ¥ 30,800 (Number M / Estnation), Espadrilles ¥ 82,500 (Sergio Rossi / Sergio Rossi Customer Service), Shirt A, Jacket C, Hat Same as D

Tagliatore’s “Sheer Soccer Jacket”
What is Despite the lightness of a shirt jacket, it incorporates authentic tailored elements such as a high gorge position and a lapel that draws a soft roll. It is a popular jacket of , which has a reputation for advanced pattern technology and tailoring. By adding stretch to the cotton upholstery of sheer soccer, it is also comfortable to wear.
Jacket 99,000 yen (Talia Torre / Tremezzo), shirt A, pants the same as B

Borsalino’s “AMEDEO”
What is A hat is indispensable for summer clothes. Not only does it look stylish, but when you wear it, you will notice that it is cooler than you think. The classic of the prestigious is a wide brim with a width of 7.5 cm, which is finely woven from Ecuadorian Tokiya grass. You can wear it without hesitation, and it can be used widely not only for daily use but also for parties.
Panama hat 60,500 yen (Borsalino / Borsalino Japan), shirt is A, jacket is the same as C

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