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The first Japanese cast of the musical “Hairspray” will be performed at the Tokyo Building Brillia HALL from September 17th (Sat) to October 2nd (Sun), 2022, followed by performances in Fukuoka, Osaka and Nagoya. To. Naomi Watanabe will play the leading role.

The Japanese version of the masterpiece musical “Hairspray” premiered


The musical “Hairspray” is a work that was performed on Broadway in 2002 based on the movie of the same name released in 1988. It is a masterpiece musical that has gained popularity, with 12 Tony Award nominations and 8 Tony Awards. In 2007, it was made into a movie again based on this musical and became a big hit all over the world. The Japanese version of such a popular musical “Hairspray” will premiere in September 2022.

Musical “Hairspray” Story


The musical “Hairspray” is set in Baltimore, USA in the 1960s. In the play, a bright and powerful big-sized girl is depicted struggling to appear on a TV dance program.



■ Tracy Turnblad (Naomi Watanabe)… A big girl who loves dancing. She is always positive and brilliant. Her dream is to become a dancer on the popular TV dance show Corny Collins Show. She is recruiting new members on the show and she tries to audition, but she is unilaterally refused to audition because she is fat.

■ “Motormouth” Maybelle (Eliana)… The host of , which is held once a month on the TV dance program “Corny Collins Show”.

■ Link (Hiroki Miura)…Star dancer of “Corny Collins Show”. The person Tracy longs for.

■ Seaweed (Soichi Hirama)…Tracy’s friend. He is good at dancing and teaches Tracy.

■ Penny (Kurumi Shimizu)… Tracy’s best friend. She always watches the “Corny Collins Show” together.

■ Amber (Meimi Tamura)… A dancer at the Corny Collins Show and a rival to Tracy.

■ Corny Collins (Kohei Ueguchi)… The moderator of the “Corney Collins Show”.

■ Wilbur (Zen Ishikawa)) … Tracy’s father.

■ Verma (Jun Sena)… Producer of the “Corney Collins Show”. Amber’s mother, which Tracy sees as a rival.

■ Edna (Yuichiro Yamaguchi)… A mother who is as big as Tracy. She has a worried and withdrawn personality. She opposes Tracy trying to audition.

Naomi Watanabe starring in the musical for the first time

Naomi Watanabe, who is active not only in Japan but also in the world, plays the main character Tracy Turnblad in the musical “Hairspray”. Her Watanabe will star in her first musical in this film. In addition, her mother, Edna, will be played by Yuichiro Yamaguchi, who has appeared in numerous musical works.

Performance overview

Musical “Hairspray”
Screenplay: Mark O’Donnell / Thomas Meehan
Lyrics: Scott Whitman
Lyrics / Music: Marc Shaiman
Directed by: Kazuya Yamada
Translation: Chizuru Urabe
Translation: Ako Takahashi
Starring: Naomi Watanabe, Erianna, Hiroki Miura, Soichi Hirama, Kurumi Shimizu, Meimi Tamura, Kohei Ueguchi, Zen Ishikawa, Jun Sena, Yuichiro Yamaguchi, Tatsuya Kawaguchi, Saho Aono, MARIA-E, Maaya Harada, Hiroko Kachi, Alex Kawamoto, Reiwa Arakawa, Harumi Okada, Kosuke, Rino Shinomoto, Yuji Takase, Rie Takahashi, Keiichi Tagawa, Rina Tsutsumi, Kazutaka Toma, Aoi Fukuyama, Shinya Horie, MAOTO, Heiki Matsutani, Arashi Matsutani, Yuki Morita, Natsuko Yanagimoto, Yuki Yahiro

■ Tokyo performance
Performance schedule: September 17th (Sat) -October 2nd (Sun), 2022
Venue: Tokyo Building Brillia HALL
Address: 1-19-1 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

■ Fukuoka performance
Performance schedule: October 7th (Friday) to October 18th (Tuesday), 2022
Venue: Hakataza
Address: 2-1 Shimokawabatamachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

■ Osaka performance
Performance schedule: October 23 (Sun) -November 8 (Tue) 2022
Venue: Umeda Arts Theater Main Hall
Address: 19-1 Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

■ Nagoya performance
Performance schedule: November 12th (Sat) -November 20th (Sun), 2022
Venue: Misonoza
Address: 1-6-14 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

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