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As summer approaches, I want to wear colored items. So, this time, I will introduce a light color surf style that is perfect for early summer. Even standard items will look fresh depending on the color combination!

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To unify small items with off-white
The point of adultness!

The warmth of early summer has become more comfortable. When that happens, I want to dress up in colors. Especially, the appearance of the day to go to the sea is vivid and Nambo⁉, so this time I will introduce the surf coordination that puts the point on the color. And the theme of the shade is “light color”. Continuing from spring, of course, light colors come into play in summer! It’s a soft color, so it’s easier to try than the primary colors. So I chose this lavender-colored Ron T. It is also a popular color this season. And the earth print on the chest is perfect for surf coordination with a hippie-like taste. After all, the pants that match that are denim. However, as with the top, select a light color. Both are standard items, but the impression will change just by making the top and bottom lighter. So, I will introduce the points to further improve the fashionability. That is to unify small items with off-white. This time, the cap, sneakers, and shirt wrapped around the waist are all off-white. It goes well with the light color of the main item, and it also adds elegance. Besides, there should be a sense of unity in dressing. All of them are simple and universal items, but if you stick to the colors like this, it looks fresh. Of course, the accented outfits can be happy, but by all means, try light colors in this early summer season!

Ron T 11,000 yen (Deus Ex Makina / Jack of All Traces Press Room), jacket wrapped around the waist 26,400 yen (Traditional Weatherwear / Traditional Weatherwear Lumine Yurakucho store), denim pants 14,300 yen (Traditional Weatherwear / Traditional Weatherwear Lumine Yurakucho) Levi’s / Levi’s Strauss Japan), Cap 8800 yen (Western Hydrodynamic Research / Tatras International), Sunglasses 39,600 yen (Ivan / Ivan Tokyo Gallery), Necklace 17,600 yen (Adawat Touareg), Sneakers 6050 yen (Vans / Vans Japan)


● Ivan Tokyo Gallery
TEL: 03-3409-1972

● Adawat Tuareg

● Vans Japan
TEL: 03-3476-5624

● Jack of All Traces Press Room
TEL: 03-3401-5001

● Tatras International
TEL: 03-5708-5188

● Traditional Weatherwear LUMINE Yurakucho
TEL: 03-6810-0388

● Levi Strauss Japan
TEL: 0120-099-501

Photo = Tomio Masashige Styling = Takumi Tagawa
photo: Tomoo Syoju (BOIL) styling: Takumi Tagawa (remix)
* All prices include tax, with exceptions.

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