Professional game team REJECT signs partnership with Adobe Makes e-Sports more attractive –

Professional gaming teamREJECTREJECT Co., Ltd., which operates (Reject),AdobeAnnounced that it has signed a partnership with (Adobe).

In the future, REJECT will utilize the creative tool service “Adobe Creative Cloud” provided by Adobe for “disseminating attractive e-sports content” and “improving the creative skills of athletes themselves”.

The company aims to “improve the presence of e-sports as a whole and further fan engagement.”

“PUBG MOBILE” participated in the world championships 7 times, the most in Japan

REJECT is a professional gaming team launched in 2018.

Currently, it owns seven divisions: “PUBG MOBILE”, “Rainbow Six Siege”, “Apex Legends”, “VALORANT”, “Fifth Personality”, “Wild Wild Action”, and “Fortnite”.

In particular, the “PUBG MOBILE” category has participated in seven world championships and boasts the highest number of records in Japan for the same title.

Increasing importance of creativity in the e-Sports scene

The e-Sports world is booming, with the permeation of video streaming culture such as live game distribution and the rise of FPS / TPS games as a representative example.

As with real sports such as soccer and baseball, creative is becoming more and more important to liven up the scene.

The quality of the key visuals and teaser movies announced at the time of announcement such as joining or transferring players affects the brand image of the team.

In addition, creatives such as videos and videos also play a role in complementing the problem that e-Sports has, “If you have never played a game, it is difficult to convey the skill of the player even if you watch it.” There is.

The partnership between REJECT and Adobe is expected to contribute to the creative improvement of the entire team.

[Comment by Akihiro Satomura, Managing Executive Officer, Marketing Division, Adobe Corporation]

Adobe is involved in creative activities not only for professional creators but also for those who are not, in order to realize a society where everyone can freely express and transmit, “Creativity For All.” We are actively supporting you so that you can do it. In this partnership as well, we believe that expanding the field of activity by acquiring creative skills of e-sports players and co-creating more attractive e-sports content will lead to further development of creative possibilities in the e-sports field. increase.

[Comment by Shoya Koyama, CEO of REJECT Co., Ltd.]

We are very pleased to announce the start of the partnership with Adobe Corporation.
In the future, we would like to further utilize the services developed in Adobe Creative Cloud to further enhance the creative of the content produced by our company as well as the internal business.

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