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Audition TJ ENTERTAINMENT Idol Dance Vocal Public Audition Age and gender are not required. No document screening, inexperienced welcome. Successful applicants will make their national debut on the day of the event Organizer: TJ ENTERTAINMENT, Category: Idol (Orthodox)

TJ ENTERTAINMENT Idol Dance Vocal Public Audition
Age and gender do not matter. No document screening, inexperienced welcome.Successful applicants will make their national debut on the day
Organizer: TJ ENTERTAINMENT, Category: Idol (Orthodox)



Application deadline


Recruitment contents

~ Hirotoshi Maeda TJ Triumphal Live & 2022 National Debut! Idol Dance Vocal Public Audition ~

Hirotoshi Maeda, a goodwill ambassador for Higashimatsuyama City, will perform a triumphant return live at Peony Walk Higashimatsuyama!
In addition, an idol dance vocal audition will be held on the day of “TJ ENTERTAINMENT”, where TJ himself is the representative and producer!
Regardless of age or gender. No document screening, inexperienced welcome. Successful applicants will be decided on the day & will debut nationwide in 2022!
Participation is free, so we are waiting for many applications!

[Hiroshi Maeda TJ Profile]As a former Johnny’s Jr., after working as a back dancer for Arashi, Tackey & Tsubasa, Kanjani Eight, etc., he is the only vocalist of the dance vocal group “5IGNAL” formed by top Japanese performers.
In addition to being in charge of ending themes such as Nippon Television’s “Miyaneya” and “Secret Kenmin SHOW”, he was praised and attracted attention as “Michael Jackson of Japan” at expedition live concerts in Germany, the Philippines, etc., from Tokuma Japan. major debut.
Currently, he is a talented active solo dance vocalist who is the representative of “TJ ENTERTAINMENT”, which was launched while being an active major singer, and is also the producer of the new mask idol “Anoxic Girls’ Academy”, which has over 12.5 million views of TikTok.

[Comment from producer TJ]In this audition, in order to recruit “new members of the existing group” and “initial members of the new group” at the same time, we are recruiting 3 categories of “idol section”, “dance vocal section” and “dancer section” of the idol group and dance vocal group. To do.
We are looking forward to those who are seriously aiming for their debut, those who can take lessons seriously, and those who have a strong passion.
It is important to be good at singing and dancing and to be cute, but I want to bring out the “charm” that is more than my ability. Please hit your enthusiasm and individuality!
We are waiting for applications from those who have the feeling that “I do not want to give up my dreams, I want to find a new self”!

[Schedule]Sunday, July 3, 2022
[Venue]Peony Walk Higashimatsuyama 1F Peony Court
[Time]13: 00-
[Cast / Judge]Hirotoshi Maeda TJ
■ Guest: TJ ENTERTAINMENT Affiliation Talent (Anoxic Girls’ Academy), Act the Family
[Details]Live & audition (after the event, there will be a special event)

Audition schedule

No document review. At the public audition held at Peony Walk Higashimatsuyama from 13:00 to 15:00 on 7/3 (Sun)
Successful applicants will be decided on the day of the question and answer examination and practical examination!

* Only advance document entry is required by email or LINE for application only.

Schedule after passing

After passing the examination, you will be asked to participate in the lesson. It will be the stage debut after seeing the personality and aptitude.
Activities include lessons every Sunday + 1-2 days a week. (It is also possible to balance with academics)

Audition participation fee

No entry fee
* Transportation expenses will be borne by you. (We will not charge applicants for examination fees, etc.)

Costs after passing

・ The office will cover the cost of activities such as lesson fees.
・ Transportation expenses will be borne by you. (Limited to the Kanto area)

Rewards and salaries, prizes and prizes, allowances, etc.

・ We will give you a salary on a commission basis.

Qualification requirements

・ Those who can work based in Tokyo
・ Regardless of age or gender
・ No activity experience required, inexperienced
・ Those who are physically and mentally healthy
・ Those who like singing and dancing
・ Those who do not have a contract with a specific office and can contract with us
・ Those who can do idol activities with aspirations as a job
・ Those who are seriously aiming for their debut
・ Minors must obtain the consent of their parents
・ A motivated beginner is welcome! If you have experience in idol activities, please apply only if you can bet on a comeback and think that it is your last chance to work on it.

Application method

Please apply by email or the application-only LINE.

① In the case of email
Fill in the required information and email tjentertainment.info@gmail.com

■ Subject “Audition application”
■ Necessary items
・ New member of existing group or initial member of new group (if desired)
・ Date of birth and age
・ Height and weight
・ Current residence (OK up to prefectures)
·phone number
・ SNS account (if any)
・ Entertainment activity experience (if any)
・ Simple self-introduction and self-promotion
・ Hope section “Idol section” or “Dance vocal section” or “Dancer section”
・ With or without parental consent (for minors)

★ Please send us a full-body photo and a bust-up photo. Please use raw photos.

② In the case of LINE
Add an application-only LINE account as a friend, copy the automatic response message, fill in the necessary items, and reply.

LINE account @ 844tfbig
URL https://lin.ee/nigYaun




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