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The Business Contest KING Executive Committee is a student organization that held Japan’s first business contest in 1996 in order to realize a place where university students can demonstrate their abilities. Since then, we have been holding one of the largest business contests in Japan for over 20 years. Members belong to various universities such as the University of Tokyo, Soukei, Hitotsubashi University, and Tokyo Institute of Technology. However, what they have in common is their passion for learning and growing through the management of the contest. With that feeling in mind, I am working every day to deliver a life-changing experience for participants in a place called a vidicon. ((Contribution = Business Contest KING Executive Committee)

KINGWhat is vidicon?

A business contest is a contest in which teams form a team to plan a new business and compete for the quality of the plan. The real thrill of Bizcon is the heated discussions as we create business plans with our colleagues. Among the many vidicons, the vidicons held by KING have the following three characteristics.

・ Complete first meeting system

・ Short-term intensive type

・ Support system by TF / CS

While many vidicons team up with acquaintances and work on new business planning over a month or more, KING’s vidicons are held in a short period of up to 6 days, with people who meet for the first time randomly assigned to the team. This is because we want every college student to know the world of business, and to give them time to broaden their knowledge and focus on knowing their strengths.

In addition, as a system unique to KING, TF (team facilitator) and CS (care staff) will be assigned to each team from the management side. Each has the role of leading the team’s discussions and contributing to the care and atmosphere of the participants. By arranging them, we are devising ways for participants to work on the vidicon with peace of mind.

One of the major features of KING’s vidicon is that the business plan created in this way can be fed back to working people through consulting and screening. By receiving advice from a perspective that is not found in students who are working adults who are actually active in the field of business, you will have the opportunity to consider the ideas of the team more objectively.

What is the main purpose of KING’s vidicon? It is to make participants feel stimulus and growth through thinking in the process of formulating ideas and discussions with colleagues. KING’s vidicon has various opportunities to be stimulated. Structurally disassemble the business plan and assemble the logic. Creating a “good team” in collaboration with team members. Communicate the appeal of your plan through a presentation. It is our desire to receive these stimuli and provide participants with an opportunity for growth.

KINGEveryday activities

Thinking, discussion, and inspiration are the words that describe our activities and characteristics of KING. We routinely think about what a good business contest is among the members and repeat discussions based on it. In these routines, we are able to inspire each other and make progress as an organization and as an individual.

There are two main types of specific activities based on these characteristics.

The first is a general meeting in which all members participate. Each of us is discussing daily how to deepen our understanding of facilitation in business and business and how to deliver better business to participants.

The second is,KINGIt is an activity divided into three departments, the operation control bureau, the public relations bureau, and the public relations bureau. The Administration Bureau is in charge of planning and managing the contest, the Public Relations Bureau is in charge of obtaining the sponsorship money necessary for group management, and the Public Relations Bureau is in charge of raising the name of the organization and attracting customers to the contest. Each member belongs to one of the stations and is working on activities to accomplish the mission of the station.

These general and station meetings are held twice a week, Zoom or face-to-face. In addition to regular activities, there are many places where you can learn by voluntarily holding programming and marketing study sessions and sharing your daily learning on SNS called Slack.

In this way, we value learning from our daily activities. By sharing individual awareness throughout the organization and sublimating it into learning, the organization and individuals can gradually expand the breadth and depth of their thinking.

KINGLargest vidiconBusiness Contest KING 2022

From here, I would like to introduce KING’s largest business contest, “Business Contest KING 2022,” which is held every September.


Date and time: September 7th (Wednesday) to 12th (Monday) (camp type with accommodation)

Venue: Yoyogi

The concept of this year’s KING vidicon is “Kakukokakuken”. Through the contest, I want you to be aware of your abilities and get a chance to take the next step.

“Business Contest KING 2022” is an event for people who want to make a difference during the summer, want an opportunity to work on something, and want to learn and grow in business.

We will do our utmost to support you for two days with KING’s facilitation know-how accumulated over 27 years so that such people can know their strengths and take the next step.

You can really face your business and yourself. Such an environment is here.

If any of the readers who have read this far are interested in KING or business contests, please join us.

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