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Adventure to find a new standard with Tsubasa Honda

Three ideas to renew the standard
With the trend of this summer coming into view, it’s time to choose what to incorporate. It’s boring that it doesn’t change, but it’s different just because it’s cute. Why don’t you find such a fashion that you can love for a long time while being excited?

Update sweet and spicy casual with retro mood crochet knit

Lace blouse and casual pants. It is not only girly but also crochet knit that is full of retro feeling that renews the balance that I have always loved. Clothes that keep the cuteness as they are, but the sweetness is a little modest, and give an adult a margin.

Delicate crochet is ideal for subtle skin sheerness

Tsubasa Honda wearing TODAYFUL crochet knit

Items that look like second-hand clothes are the trend, but what I want to choose is something that can be worn neatly without being untidy. The perfect piece for such a desire. I also want to aim for the bottom with white denim rather than blue denim.
Knit ¥ 15400 / Life’s Daikanyama store (TODAYFUL) Tank top worn inside ¥ 8250 / Ash Plus Eriotrope (TICCA) Pants ¥ 16500 / Showroom 233 (Just Female)

Change “ordinary clothes” to green and update eternal basics

Where I used to choose navy or black, this year I’m green without hesitation. In fact, it’s a magical color that makes it easy to match with a basic color, and that makes a difference. This is a trendy feeling that doesn’t grow tall!

Borders and skirts.It’s fun to dress up in ordinary clothes

Tsubasa Honda wearing a green tiered skirt

The simple tiered skirt is also gorgeous. I can love summer marine outfits again ♡
Skirt ¥ 17600 / Jack of All Traces (Oscar) Tops ¥ 20900 / Wonderism (Brams Roots Stock) T-shirt worn inside ¥ 6380 / Shinzone LUMINE Shinjuku Store Jacket ¥ 36300 / Traditional Weatherwear LUMINE Yurakucho Store Shoes ¥ 52800 / TOMORROWLAND Hat ¥ 10450 / Journal Standard Jiyugaoka Store (Stand Alone) Earrings ¥ 17600 / Showroom 233 (Nina et Jules)

Try to incorporate the “great commitment” brand that fashionable people are rumored to be

From now on, I will sympathize with the background of the brand and long for people who can choose. For example, “ESLOW” is a brand that MORE’s stylist team is rumored to say, “We are too particular about SDGs and materials!”

The shape is beautiful and cute, and the charm that doesn’t end just gives you a feeling of mellowness.

Tsubasa Honda in a gray coat of Eslo

“ESLOW”, which debuted last year, develops environmentally friendly clothing under the theme of “Ethical Ecology Slow”. We have a lineup of items that are full of commitment, from beautiful colors created by special processing to materials and patterns that pursue comfort.
Coat ¥ 83600, Tank Top ¥ 11000, Pants ¥ 26400, Shirt wrapped around the waist ¥ 28600 / Enkel (Eslow) Shoes ¥ 26400 / Life’s Daikanyama Store (TODAYFUL) Necklace ¥ 46200, Silver Ring ¥ 29700, Silver Double Ring ¥ 46200 / Mariha

Photo / Kyosuke Higashi Hair & Makeup / Yukari Hayashi Model / Tsubasa Honda Stylist / Mitsue Ishigami Planning / Original / Sayoko Fukui (MORE) * The release date of the listed products is subject to change. Please check the latest information on the manufacturer’s HP etc.

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