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Since I’m an adult, should I make outdoor outfits without using flashy colors? No, the unified appearance in black and gray is nice, but it still looks heavy in the summer. So, of course, let’s use summer-like crisp colors.

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The biggest point is
Choose black and slim pants!

Many outdoor items have flashy colors because they have the role of improving visibility in the mountains and forests. However, it is difficult for adults to wear flashy colors, so there are many people who inevitably pick up standard colors such as black and gray. Certainly, such standard colors are not lost and are highly versatile, so they are easy to use. However, in the coming season, it would be uninteresting to put together in dark colors. Enjoying summer colors in summer is one of the fashionable techniques. So, this time, I chose yellow for the brightly colored anorak hoodie that makes the best use of the characteristics of the outdoors. So, the point is from here. What kind of color should be matched with such a flashy color to make it look like an adult? Actually, the method is easy. All you have to do is match slim black pants to the bottom. These black pants are an effect ant that shifts the sporty anorak to a modern style. In addition, it looks smart by tightening, so it’s two birds with one stone. While creating an active and positive atmosphere in summer, it also has the smartness of an adult. If you use this technique, you can get a highly saturated outfit. By the way, black pants can be shaky. Because the sportiness of black looks daunting. Rather, the light and modern feeling is emphasized, making it a fashionable advanced person !?

Anorak Parka 66,000 yen (CP Company / Tristate Japan), T-shirt 17,600 yen (Ron Herman), Pants 27,500 yen (HIP by Salomon / Tatras Concept Store Aoyama store), Jet Cap 4620 yen (Arc’teryx) / Arc’teryx Customer Support Center), sunglasses 45,100 yen (Moscot / Moscot Tokyo), Gore-Tex sneakers 18,700 yen (Salomon / Salomon Call Center)


● Arc’teryx Customer Support Center
TEL: 03-6631-0833

● Salomon Call Center
TEL: 03-6631-0837

● Tatras Concept Store Aoyama
TEL: 03-3407-2700

● Tristate Japan
TEL: 03-6455-4332

● Moscot Tokyo
TEL: 03-6434-1070

● Ron Herman
TEL: 0120-008-752

Photo = Tomio Masashige Styling = Takeshi Yanagawa
photo: Tomoo Syoju (BOIL) styling: Takeshi Yanagawa (remix)
* All prices include tax, with exceptions.

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