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Food & Wellness Platform

(Published in the June 2022 issue)

In the food industry, there is increasing attention to the wellness field. In order to promote corporate activities that utilize health data in order to realize the wellness of consumers, NTT DATA envisioned the Food & Wellness platform and started providing a PoC environment that utilizes health data as a first step.

Know-how for utilizing medical examination data and medical data
Use it to realize personalization

As consumers become more aware of their health, collecting and utilizing their personal data is the key to deepening their understanding and creating new experiences for them. .. However, in order for companies to utilize personal data, the reality is that there are many issues such as dealing with various laws and regulations and incident risks, acquiring know-how for utilizing personal data, and securing human resources who handle data such as processing and analysis. is.
NTT DATA has been operating the health management cloud service “Health Data Bank” utilizing health diagnosis data since 2002. As a certified medical information handling company under the Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Law, we are also involved in the operation of the “Thousand Year Medical Record”, and among the data considered necessary for realizing food personalization from the health aspect, “health” We have accumulated know-how on the operation, analysis, and utilization of two types of data, diagnostic data and medical data.
The Food & Wellness platform solves the problems of corporate personal data utilization by utilizing the know-how so far.

Figure 1 Data required for food personalization

Business development utilizing personal data
Aiming for end-to-end realization

The platform will take on functions such as consent management of health data, data integration, anonymous processing, and data analysis, and promote the provision of wellness services to consumers using health data of food manufacturers.
As a first step, we have started to provide a demonstration field that utilizes the health data of 1,200 NTT DATA employees. By using this PoC environment, customers can quickly verify the effectiveness of new businesses and new marketing measures that utilize health data without having to collect monitors and their data themselves or manage personal information. It will be possible to carry out.
In the future, we would like to utilize the platform to collaborate with customers to develop new products that utilize personal data, from data-driven product development to test marketing and market launch.

Figure 2 Food & Wellness PoC Environment Overview

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