[Athletics]Nozomi Tanaka 1500m representative was also “scary” The cause was the spring US expedition “Race to regain myself” –Athletics: Nikkan Sports

Tanaka (photographed by Kenta Tadashi) who wins the women's 1500m final and decides the pose

Tanaka (photographed by Kenta Tadashi) who wins the women’s 1500m final and decides the pose

  • Tanaka (photographed by Kenta Tadashi) who won the women's 1500m final and finished in 1st place.

  • Tanaka (photographed by Kenta Tadashi) who wins the women's 1500m final and decides the pose

◇ 2nd day ◇ 10th ◇ Osaka Yanmar Stadium Nagai

Nozomi Tanaka (22 = Toyota Industries), who won the 8th place in the Tokyo Olympics at 1500 meters for women, has decided on a job offer for the World Championship (July, Oregon, USA). She won the final at 4: 11.83 for the third consecutive time. She met the conditions of being in the third place after breaking the standard participation record. She entered this tournament she entered 800 meters and 5000 meters. She challenges the representatives in multiple events.


I felt Tanaka, who was located inside the middle team from the beginning. “Everyone can’t go”. The pace does not increase due to the development of waiting without attacking. Naturally, it became a form of being pushed forward. He was afraid of contact and took the lead faster than expected, but his legs remained well. He spurted with one lap remaining, and he quickly pulled away from the trailer.

The strength was outstanding, but he recalled, “I was scared.” He mentioned the names of Goto and Urabe of the same class, and even thought before the race that “Japanese people are also wearing the last. I think they can’t defend even within the third place.”

Lack of self-confidence. I said that too. The cause was the spring US expedition. In May, participated in the Diamond League at the venue of the World Championship. He finished in the bottom 15th place at 4:07:43 in the 1500 meters of the “outpost” with Kipyegon (Kenya), who won the Olympics for the second time in a row. “I could feel how to fight more in the world,” he said, but he lost the response he had built.

The best match in Japan in Japan. “It was a race to regain myself. I was able to overcome it,” he nodded. At the same time, his expression remained stiff, saying, “I haven’t had time to enjoy it yet.” I still have what I want.

At the world championships, the third event is difficult due to the schedule. There are 800 meters and 5000 meters left in this tournament. Ideally, the third event should be decided and challenged from the standpoint of selection, “I want to make the decision not to abandon (participation) as much as possible.” While worried, I want to get a hand with a world ticket.[Kengo Abe]

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