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In Osaka prefecture, the travel price will be up to half price up to 5,000 yen.The “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022” is being held from June 1st to 30th.

The “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022” will distribute coupons for up to 2,000 yen in addition to travel discounts that will reduce the travel price up to 5,000 yen by up to half the price for travel within Osaka Prefecture. Not only overnight trips but also day trips are eligible.

This time, we will explain the details of the campaign such as how to apply for the “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022” held in Osaka Prefecture, the discount amount, the accommodation period, and the discount target.

What is “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022”?

The “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022” will distribute coupons for up to 2,000 yen in addition to the accommodation discount, which is up to half the accommodation price up to 5,000 yen for travel within Osaka Prefecture. In addition to overnight trips, day trips are also eligible.

This campaign offers a maximum discount of up to JPY 5,000 for stays of JPY 2,000 or more per person per night. In addition, up to 2,000 yen will be returned to discount users of the “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022” at cashless points (Osaka Pay) that can be used at coupon member stores in Osaka Prefecture.

In addition to presenting an ID card to confirm the place of residence, the user must present a third vaccination certificate or a negative certificate such as a PCR test.

* 1 Taxes include consumption tax, bath tax, and accommodation tax.
* 2 For arranged trips, the amount including the handling fee will be used as the standard for the pre-discount fee.
* 3 Per person for a day trip
* 4 If it is possible to confirm in advance the use of point services such as OTA and various discounts such as shareholder coupons and subsidies, the travel price after the discount is applied.

Hotels eligible for “Welcome to Osaka” ・ Reservation method

You can get a discount on the campaign by booking a special plan for “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022” on Rakuten Travel or Jalan net.

“Welcome to Osaka” implementation period

June 1st-June 30th, 2022

Target audience for “Welcome to Osaka”

Osaka, Shiga, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama citizens

Overview of “Welcome to Osaka”

Campaign name Welcome to Osaka Campaign 2022
Subsidy amount (1) Accommodation price is up to half price (up to 5,000 yen / person night)
Up to 2 nights for consecutive nights
(2) Cashless points (Osaka Pay)
Return up to 2,000 yen / person night
Auxiliary conditions Osaka, Shiga, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama citizens
Those who can prove negative by vaccination history or PCR test etc.
Target facility Rakuten Travel / Jalan net
* Only local payments are eligible for discount
Coupon member store Coupon member stores
Target period June 1st-June 30th, 2022
Notes ・ Depending on the infection situation, the implementation period may be changed or canceled.
・ Even during the implementation period, it will end as soon as the budget limit is reached.
・ Combination with GoTo Travel is undecided
・ Accommodation discount is applied for up to 2 consecutive nights.

How to make a reservation for “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022”

To receive a discount on the “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022”, you need to make a reservation on the online reservation site, make a direct reservation to the accommodation facility, or make a reservation for the “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022” plan at a travel agency.

The discount plan has a description of “Welcome to Osaka 2022”. Please note that only the “local payment plan” is eligible for discounts when making reservations from the online reservation site.

At check-in on the day of travel, the discount will be applied if you confirm your place of residence with your driver’s license or health insurance card and all the guests fill out the consent form. Coupons that can be used at restaurants will be distributed at check-in.

“Welcome to Osaka Campaign 2022” Osaka PAY (coupon ticket)

Osaka Pay is a cashless point that is given up to 2,000 yen per person per night to discount users of the “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022” using the payment application “regionPAY”.

It can be used at member stores such as souvenirs and restaurants during the travel period (in the case of accommodation plans, from the check-in date to the check-out date in the case of accommodation plans).

<< Official site >> How to use the “regionPAY” app

Osaka Pay usage period

Osaka Pay for “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022” is only available during the travel period. For overnight trips, it is available from check-in to check-out date.

Stores where tourist coupons can be used

Osaka Pay of “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022” can be used at registered restaurants, souvenir shops, etc. in the prefecture.

Coupon name Osaka Pay
Subsidy amount Up to 2,000 yen per person per night
Auxiliary conditions Osaka, Shiga, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama citizens
Coupon member store Coupon member stores
usage period Overnight trip: From check-in onwards 23:59 on check-out date
Day trip: 23:59 on the same day from the tour start time on the day of the trip
Notes ・ Download the regionPAY app and use it with in-app charge
・ If it is difficult to download, you can bring a form with a coupon code.

“Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022” Accommodation plan with USJ pass

“Universal Studios Japan” and eight official hotels have announced that they will sell the “1 Day Studio Pass Official Hotel Accommodation Plan” with the USJ Studio Pass for the “Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022”.

For example, if the price of the accommodation plan is 14,000 yen (tax included), you can get a USJ admission ticket and hotel accommodation for 9000 yen, which is a 5000 yen discount, and 2000 yen worth of souvenirs and restaurants that can be used at member stores. Points will be awarded.

The points worth 2,000 yen can be used not only at restaurants and retail stores in Osaka City, but also at restaurants and shops in Universal Studios Japan.

The price of USJ’s “1 Day Studio Pass” changes depending on the busy season due to the introduction of the variable price system, but considering that it is usually sold for 8,400 yen to 9,400 yen per adult, it is very very. It is a great accommodation plan.

Reservations will be accepted from May 30th on online reservation sites such as Rurubu Travel, Rakuten Travel, and Jalan net.

Prefectural Discount / GoTo Travel Future Schedule

Summary of future tourism support measures

[1]Prefectural Discount
Extended from the original end of June to July 14th
[2]National travel support
Held nationwide from the first half of July
[3]GoTo Travel?
Respond flexibly while observing the infection status

The “Prefectural Discount”, which saves up to 7,000 yen for travel, will be available as a “Regional Block Discount” if you are a resident in a block that divides the whole country into six areas such as Kanto and Kinki from April. It is being expanded and held.

The prefectural discount was scheduled to be held at the end of June, but it has been decided that the current campaign content will be extended to July 14. In addition, by the first half of July, we will hold a “national travel support” that will save up to 11,000 yen on travel costs.

After the end of “national travel support”, it has not been decided whether to extend the national travel support or to resume “Go To Travel” which has been postponed for the time being, so we will respond flexibly while observing the infection situation. Become.

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