[Video][Highlight]Higashinihon Kokusai University vs. Asia University | 71st Japan National Collegiate Baseball Championship Semifinal ~ Jingu Baseball Stadium ~ (6/11)

Commentary: Akio Saito (professional baseball commentator), Tetsuya Okubo (Director, Kyushu Sangyo University)
The real condition: Kiyonori Adachi

Date: June 11, 2022
Baseball Stadium: Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium

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The All Japan University Baseball Championship, which is the highest title in the university baseball world.

This year too, a hot battle will be held at the two venues, Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium and Tokyo Dome, to decide the best in Japan.

In the past, pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano (currently Yomiuri Giants, Tokai University) of the 59th tournament shed tears of regret, although he was one step closer to winning the championship.

He is also active in current professional baseball games such as Takahiro Norimoto (Miechukyo University, now: Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles), who set a strikeout record for the 61st tournament while keeping a reference record to keep the name of his mother school that was closed. Many of the players have become professionals after experiencing this stage.

Not only the high-level play that was the best in Japan, but also the appearance of the players who put the feelings cultivated in college baseball on each ball is impressive.

The match format is a tournament format that ends when you lose. Aiming for the glory that can only be obtained in the four years of college, each player fights with the pride of his alma mater.

Where is the best university in Japan? ??

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