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2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

On Sunday, June 12, the 18th Mt. Fuji Hill Climb, a hill climb event using the Fuji Subaru Line, “Fuji no Kuni Yamanashi” was held.

This time, players from domestic professional teams running JBCF and JCL will also participate in the exhibition together with the organizer selection class. In the organizer selection class, the first winners were born for both men and women. Looking back on the state of the tournament and the race selected by the organizer.

Festival tournament on Mt. Fuji

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

General class participants head to the 5th station finish

The 17th Mt. Fuji Hill Climb, Japan’s largest hill climb event, was held on June 12th. The so-called “Fuji Hill”, which climbs Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, starts at Fuji Hokuroku Park and finishes at the 5th station of Mt. Fuji through the Fuji Subaru Line. It’s a course.

Fuji Hill is a popular tournament where beginners to full-scale racers gather, and the organizer selection class where Japan’s leading amateur top climbers meet is attracting attention every year.
This year, there were 8211 entries, including the organizer selection class and the general class, and the completion rate was 99% for the runners.

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Participants passing through the Fuji Subaru Line tollhouse.The blue sky spread as we approached the afternoon

In the general category after entering the Korona-ka, net time is adopted, which starts freely at its own timing to avoid crowding and measures from the passage of the measurement start point to the finish point.
Only in the organizer selection class, the time when the first player passed the measurement start point was set as the start of each player, and the gross time to compete until the finish was adopted.

For the first time in this tournament, domestic professional athletes running the J Pro Tour of the Japan Cycle League and the Japan Business Federation will start as an exhibition category with the men’s class selected by the organizer.

In addition, the day before, the reception and Expo 2022, where many companies exhibited, were held at Fuji Hokuroku Park, and it was crowded with many visitors such as test rides and shopping.

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

The day before the tournament, many people enjoyed the expo by test drive and shopping before it rained.

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Items that could be used on the day of the competition, such as supplements and supplements, could be procured locally.

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Fuji Hill official T-shirts etc. are sold at the bio racer booth

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Palatinose, which is mildly absorbed, was also sold as a special set for the tournament.

Men’s selection + exhibition inevitable fierce battle

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Exhibition members are at the beginning of the start line

There was information that the rain that had continued from the afternoon of the previous day to the middle of the night stopped before the start, and the rain stopped at the 5th station of Mt. Fuji.
At 6:30 in the morning, 102 athletes, including the men in the organizer’s selection class and the first exhibition class, got off to a good start.

The speed increases at once from the measurement start point. Katsunori Toyoda (Trek Minibus Racing), who had secured the front before the start, and Ryutaro Nakamura (Team Kovalin), who had won the championship in the past, set up the start attack.

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Toyoda who sets up a start attack

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

From the beginning, the number of people in the group will be narrowed down.The figure of Luba is also in front of the group

From the beginning, you can see Daiki Kato, who was second in the previous year’s tournament, and Takato Ikeda (TEAM ZWC), who won the previous year, moving to the front of the group. Among them are Thomas Lebas (Kinan Racing Team), Takashi Yoneya (Rio Mobel Mare Racing Team), and Hikaru Sato (Inagi Fitz Class Act), who belong to the domestic professional team. However, since the number of domestic professional members was at most two per team, there was no sign of control.

Among them, Kato was particularly showing a move to increase the pace.
“I usually go to the front of the race to make the race development, but today there were also professionals, so I’m wondering what kind of development it will be. Actually, the professionals are pulling so aggressively. I didn’t, so I thought I’d run as usual. “

The number of people is narrowed down as the distance increases. Before entering the middle stage, it became a small group of about 15 people. Only Sato and Yoneya remained as members of the exhibition.

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

After a few kilometers, the lead will be 16 people

Ikeda also wanted to start from the beginning and reduce the number of people. He also said he was under some pressure to be the champion of the previous year. Ikeda will belong to the Rio Mobel Mare Racing Team from this year and will also run road races.

“I did high intensity for road racing, and I did increase the frequency of running outside,” he said, but he said that the training content itself had not changed so much.

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

In the form of 5 people getting out of the group

Another person who was actively trying to increase the pace was Akira Manabe (EMU SPEED CLUB), who finished 4th in the men’s 19-29 year old category last year.

When Manabe came out at the top after about 10km, the names of Kato, Ikeda, Yuji Itako, and Shotaro Kubota (EMU SPEED CLUB) were attached to the wheel, but Kubota dropped on the way. Manabe says, “It felt like everyone who was wondering if they would come.”

Just at the last 15km point, Ikeda (1st place), Kato (2nd place), Itako (3rd place) and Akira Manabe (EMU SPEED CLUB) were narrowed down to 4 people last year.

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

At the last 15km signboard, Kato, Itako, Manabe, and Ikeda

Sato was the only one in the exhibition to remain in the group, but he couldn’t join the lead group.
“Unlike ordinary races, it’s only uphill, so it’s completely different from road races. I thought that everyone was doing a lot of training, but I followed it, but it broke at the 10km point. From there. It was a fight against myself, “Sato recalled.

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Kato and two people by increasing the pace of Manabe near the 4th station

The pace increases when Manabe comes to the front near the 4th station. Ikeda and Itako couldn’t make it. Only Kato was behind Manabe, widening the gap with the following.

“Just before the 4th station, when Manabe-san came out to the front, the pace was increased. I thought it would be difficult to keep up with it, and if I saw him off, he would just go.”
Ikeda looks back. After she was separated, she headed to the finish while spinning with Itako.

Manabe and Kato shortened the distance to the finish while taking the lead, but they were asking for a chance to separate from each other. However, Kato’s main territory was a steep slope. For Kato, this gentle slope like the Fuji Subaru Line was a “bad” classification.

“I like steep slopes a lot, and I’m not very good at gentle slopes. Even if there is a steep slope, it will end soon. Even if the slope is 8%, it will probably end at about 300m or 400m. That’s why. I’m not very good at it. “

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Kato and Manabe take the lead and ask for a chance

When the last 7km was left, Manabe, who came out at the beginning, came out in the attack.
“At the end, I tried to pull away. I think it’s the toughest place, so I think it’s only here. After that, it’s a tailwind and I think I’ll do my best to endure the last headwind.
When we went to the end with two people, I wasn’t very confident when it came to the last sprint, so I wanted to be alone somehow. “

Manabe says that he was able to feel comfortable with the development up to that point. After I was alone, I had to fight a strong headwind for about 10 minutes until the finish, and I stepped on while looking back.

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Manabe, who has entered a solo run, heads for the finish line while enduring the headwind.

On the other hand, Kato kept his pace because he was afraid of stalling, although he had seen Manabe in sight.
“Sometimes the power dropped a little towards the end, but the front wasn’t that far away and I could see it all the time. If I wanted to catch up in this range, I used my legs to catch up. It might have been, but there was a risk of stalling after that, so I kept the current pace and kept the 2nd place so that the back could not catch up. “

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Manabe who won the first victory of Fuji Hill by running alone

Manabe alone goes through the last tunnel to the finish. And I cut the finish line with the peace sign.

Manabe, who lives in Kagawa, participated in this tournament, saying, “I think it’s a good opportunity to run with fast people from all over the country.” He started training in earnest in the winter of 2020. Manabe, who had just begun to participate in the hill climb tournament last year and was considered unmarked, won his first victory in the Fuji Hill Men’s Selection.

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Manabe who ran with GoPro.The running video has already been released on his account

Manabe said about running in 57 minutes and 7 seconds, “Today the headwind was strong at the end and the speed was not so high, so even if you include it, it is almost as expected.” ..

“I think it was completely unknown this time, so it wasn’t often marked as a mark, so it was easy to move, but since I won the championship, I think I’ll be able to mark it from now on. Norikura will come out this year. So. I want to see Fuji Hill next year. “

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Kato also cuts the finish rye with the second piece

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Manabe and Kato praised each other for their good fight after the finish

Kato, who holds a Japanese record of climbing the Fuji Azami line on a steep slope in the 41-minute range on the same Mt. Fuji, finished running in 57 minutes and 39 seconds, the second place following last year.

“I don’t always reach the victory, but I’m not at all in this position among this member. I really wanted to win, but I’m disappointed, but I think it’s a position I’m proud of.
Fuji Hill Climb had a winning time of 59 minutes or 1 hour until about 4 to 5 years ago, but in the last few years 57 minutes or 56 minutes have come out, and the time has been inflated a little. (smile). When I came out about 4 to 5 years ago, there were times when I was left in about an hour (in the battle for the championship), so I didn’t expect to be up in 57 minutes at that time. I wonder if I’m growing a little too. “

With that said and laughing, Kato is keen on the Tour de Migahara and Mountain Cycling in Norikura, which are scheduled for the next race.

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Ikeda finishes in 3rd place

Since the schedule for this tournament was covered by the UCI Grand Fondo and Niseko Classic held in Hokkaido, many players should have participated there.
The next big stage for hill climbers will be Mountain Cycling in Norikura, scheduled for August 28th.

The 1st to 3rd place players this time were also enthusiastic about Norikura. Ikeda, who came in 3rd place this time, also said, “There are two people who were strong today in Norikura and some who are going to Niseko, and I would like to revenge with various strong people. I will do my best to reach the top again this year. I will. “

Fight only for girls

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Sano inserted in the sprint

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Youfu and Sano finish side by side

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Mochizuki who came in 3rd place

Two minutes after the men’s organizer selection + exhibition started, eight women’s organizer selection started.

When I was running while rotating, I was narrowed down to four people, Ayumu Sano (Infinity Style), Youfu, Miwako Mochizuki (TEAM ORCA), and Tomoko Miyashita (TWOCYCLE).

“I’ve been spinning at a constant pace all the time, and when I noticed, I’ve become those four people. I’ve been spinning all the way to the 4th station. No one else will attack. I won’t attack, but a little. The pace seems to go up and down a little, “Sano recalls.

Due to the start time, the selected girls will be in a mixed race with the players who have caught up in the general category, so it seems that there were many patterns in which the player who got on the men’s group and reached the finish won the championship. However, this time, he said that he talked about trying to race with only girls with the narrowed down four people.

“I talked with the four people running together, Mr. Shino (Yofu), Mr. Mochizuki, and Mr. Miyashita, about trying to race as a girl without following the boys. It’s fun to race and I don’t think it’s fun to win someone who can keep up. “
Sano said:

And it was the end of the game that the game moved. When Mochizuki, the winner of the previous year, made the first attack, Sano said, “I didn’t want Mochizuki to win.” Sano thought that if he passed Mochizuki as it was, he would get stuck behind him, so he set up from another position while passing between a group of boys running next to him. Only Yofu was attached to it.

After passing through the last tunnel, Yofu took the lead, but Sano sprinted from the right side of Yofu. Sano gave Yofu by a small margin and decided to win.

“When I had about 10m left, I was a little far from the 2nd place, so I thought my legs were pretty limited, but I thought I could put this in just before the final goal. did”

2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

Sano ran with a lightweight wheel and an anchor frame that fits the height of 156 cm, which was given to him by Yamato Kanematsu, who belongs to the same team who has won the men’s selection at Fuji Hill in the past.

Sano, who won his first victory in his sixth appearance at Fuji Hill, said that a course with a steep slope is more suitable for him than a course with descents and flats, but as a countermeasure before and after work on weekdays and on weekends. , It is said that he has been training to run up and down courses with Daiki Yasuhara of Matrix Powertag.

“I think it wouldn’t have been possible today if I hadn’t done that,” Sano recalls.
Regarding the title of Fuji Hill Champion, he laughed, “I haven’t realized it at all yet, but I’m happy. I hope it’s not a dream.”

“Fuji no Kuni Yamanashi” 18th Mt. Fuji Hill Climb Results

Organizer selection class boys
2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb1st place Akira Manabe (EMU SPEED CLUB) 57 minutes 7 seconds 70
2nd place Daiki Kato 57 minutes 39 seconds 23
3rd place Takato Ikeda (TEAM ZWC) 58 minutes 7 seconds 21

Exhibition race
2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb
1st place Hikaru Sato (Inagi Fitz Class Act) 59 minutes 58 seconds 40
2nd place Wu Nozomi (Brighton Racing Team) 1 hour 0 minutes 42 seconds 07
3rd place Takashi Yoneya (Rio Mobel Mare Racing Team) 1 hour 0 minutes 43 seconds 55

Organizer selection class girls
2022 Mt. Fuji Hill Climb1st place Ayumu Sano (Infinity Style) 1 hour 15 minutes 3 seconds 32
2nd place Taiyoufu 1 hour 15 minutes 3 seconds 39
3rd place Miwako Mochizuki (TEAM ORCA) 1 hour 15 minutes 14 seconds 40

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