Amazon Business Exchange 2022, a conference that opens up the future of management and purchasing, will be held online on Wednesday, July 13:

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Industry-government leaders involved in business transformation will be on stage under the theme of “X (Transformation)”

The e-commerce business “Amazon Business” for corporations and sole proprietors provided by Amazon (location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo) will be held on Wednesday, July 13, 2022 by leaders of organizational management and purchasing reforms. We will hold an online conference “Amazon Business Exchange 2022” to promote business transformation.

With the increasing movement of corporate DX (digital transformation), Amazon business still thinks that there is room for reform in the field of procurement and purchasing. Some change makers are improving productivity and reforming the working style of the back office, accelerating the efficiency of management resources and the transformation into an organization with good governance. Amazon Business Exchange 2022 introduces these efforts and provides many organizations with the opportunity to find hints for the future.

This conference, which will be held for the third time, invites business leaders and experts who have been working on transformation in companies and organizations, and faces strategies for realizing business purchasing that supports management and business transformation. We will talk about how we have overcome the challenges we face and how we have changed. In addition, companies that have already introduced Amazon business and are promoting transformation will talk with companies that will start using Amazon business, and we will introduce the background of introduction and the effect on the business site.

At the opening session, Norihito Ishibashi, General Manager of Amazon Business Division, Yoshiharu Hoshino, Representative of Hoshino Resorts, and Etsuko Okajima, President of Pronova Co., Ltd./Euglena Co., Ltd., will discuss factors that create transformation and change makers that bring about change. To do. In the keynote speech, we will share the views of experts who are working to improve the efficiency of indirect material purchasing and the revision of the electronic invoice system. Amazon Business Her vice president Alex Gannon, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. Takeshi Nakahashi, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Nobuyuki Hattori, Digital Agency Hiroyuki Kato and others will be on stage.

Norihito Ishibashi, General Manager of Business Division, Amazon Business Division, Amazon Japan, said: “Since the Amazon business started in September 2017 amid growing needs for online business procurement and purchasing, we have improved the efficiency of organizational purchasing operations, from large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises and sole proprietors. At Amazon Business Exchange 2022, we welcome leaders who have been driving business transformation in various organizations, not only to improve business, but also to start business from purchasing. We hope that this conference will be an opportunity for customers who are engaged in business and organizational transformation and who are considering promoting digitalization. “

■ Conference overview
Theme: Amazon Business Exchange 2022 ~ Transform yourself and open up the future ~
Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2022 10:00 – 16:40
Format: Online
Target audience: Those who are involved in management at companies and educational institutions, those in charge of corporate planning departments, accounting / finance departments, procurement / purchasing departments, information system departments, or those who are equivalent to them.
Participation fee: Free (pre-registration required)
Cooperation: American Express Japan Co., Ltd., Infomart Co., Ltd., SAP Concur, SAP Ariba, DreamArts Corporation, JCB Co., Ltd., Tobishima Construction Co., Ltd., Works Applications Enterprise Co., Ltd., Works Mobile Japan Co., Ltd. (50) Sound order / title omitted)

■ Keynote Program
10:00 –11: 00 | What are the “transforming factors” that make business dynamic? (Provided by NewsPicks Studios)
Yoshiharu Hoshino, Representative of Hoshino Resorts
Etsuko Okajima, President and CEO of Pronova Co., Ltd.
Amazon Japan Amazon Business Headquarters Business Headquarters Norihito Ishibashi

11: 05 –12: 05 | Overcome the times of change.Purchasing operations that contribute to profits and how to proceed with cost structure reform
Mr. Takeshi Nakahashi, General Manager, Goods Procurement Group, General Procurement Department, Procurement Headquarters, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
Mr. Nobuyuki Hattori, Project Manager, Inter-departmental Project, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Mr. Hiroyuki Kato, Planning Coordinator, Service Group for the Digital Agency, Inc. Amazon Business Vice President Alex Gannon
Amazon Japan Amazon Business Headquarters Business Headquarters Norihito Ishibashi
Amazon Japan Amazon Business Business Headquarters Sales Management Headquarters Tetsuya Onoda
Amazon Japan Amazon Business Headquarters Commercial Sector Sales Headquarters Keiichiro Takigi

The program is subject to change. For details on other sessions, please see here (

■ Profiles of major speakers

Hoshino Resorts
Yoshiharu Hoshino
Born in Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture in 1960.
Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Economics in 1983. She completed a master’s degree at Cornell University Hotel Business Graduate School.
In 1991, he became president (current representative) of Hoshino Onsen (currently Hoshino Resorts). In the Japanese tourism industry, which integrates ownership and management, we quickly adopted a strategy specializing in management and switched to a business model that provides management services.
From 2001 to 2004, while working on the reconstruction of the Resonale in Yamanashi Prefecture, the Alts Bandai in Fukushima Prefecture, and the Tomamu and resorts in Hokkaido, the Hoshino Onsen Ryokan was rebuilt and “Hoshinoya Karuizawa” was opened in 2005.

Currently, the operating bases are the overwhelming extraordinary “Hoshinoya” spun by original themes, the hot spring inn “Kai” that conveys the charm of the area, the resort “Resonale” that experiences nature, and the urban tourist hotel that raises the tension. There are 58 locations in Japan and overseas, centered on the five brands of “OMO” and the loose cafe hotel “BEB”. In 2013, it launched Japan’s first real estate investment trust (REIT) specializing in tourism and listed it on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as Hoshino Resorts REIT.
In 2022, Hoshino Resort will celebrate its 108th anniversary and will open new facilities such as “OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino Resort”, “OMO5 Kanazawa Katamachi by Hoshino Resort” and “Kai Yufuin”.

Pronova Co., Ltd.
President / President / Euglena Co., Ltd. Director CHRO (part-time)
Etsuko Okajima

Human capitalist, management team strengthening consultant, leader training professional.
After working at Mitsubishi Corporation, Harvard MBA, McKinsey, and Globis Group, he established Pronova in 2007.
Outside director at Marui Group, Septeni Holdings, Money Forward, Lancers, and Yappli.
Since December 20220, he has been appointed to Euglena’s director CHRO (part-time). He was named “Young Global Leaders 2007” by the World Economic Forum. His books include “The Day when 40 Years Old Becomes President” (Gentosha).

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
Procurement Headquarters General Procurement Department Goods Procurement Group Manager
Takeshi Nakahashi

Joined JAL Sales in April 1988.
After working in JAL airline ticket / travel product sales, travel planning / promotion planning, public relations in the West Japan area, personnel affairs and general affairs, and corporate planning, he was appointed to the current procurement headquarters in 2010. Since then, he has been involved in promoting procurement reform of the JAL Group for 11 years.

Honda motor industry stock company
Inter-departmental project management project manager
Nobuyuki Hattori

Joined Honda Engineering Co., Ltd. in April 1996 Assigned to Purchasing
In 2008, transferred to Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Saitama Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and engaged in the materials department and indirect material procurement department.
2017 Headquarters Indirect Material Purchasing Section Chief Since November 2019, concurrently serves as a project manager for inter-departmental projects

Digital Agency
Planning Coordinator, Service Group for the People
Mr. Hiroyuki Kato

Since September 2021, he has been in charge of the Japan Peppol Authority. He has worked for the Treasury and the National Tax Agency so far. He has worked for the Tax Bureau of the Ministry of Finance and the National Tax Agency for over 10 years. He is also in charge of planning the detailed system design of consumption tax (VAT in Japan). A new purchase tax credit system, which will come into effect in October 2023, has also been formulated., Inc.
Amazon Business Vice President
Alex Gannon

Joined Amazon in 2002. He went to Europe after launching Amazon Canada and multiple services such as Amazon Print on Demand Service, which prints, binds, and ships books. He has been involved in launching the fulfillment network, Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain in Europe. Returning to Seattle in 2011, he led the expansion of Amazon Canada’s retail business and the launch of Amazon Mexico. He also contributed to business expansion throughout North America, including the North American Fulfillment Network, remote shipping of North American Fulfillment by Amazon, and the development of new services such as’s support for Spanish.
Currently, as Vice President of Amazon Business Worldwide, he oversees the Amazon Business and Business Prime Service (provided in 8 countries) businesses in 9 countries around the world.

Born in Quebec. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Seattle University.

Prior to joining Amazon, he worked for four years at L’Arche Canada, a non-profit organization that supports people with intellectual disabilities. She has also been active in Mexico for a year as a volunteer to help locals and immigrants. She is a trilingual who speaks three languages.

Amazon Japan
Amazon Business Business Headquarters Business Headquarters General Manager
Norihito Ishibashi

After graduating from Hitotsubashi University in 1993, he was involved in the formulation of business strategies and business improvement strategies with oil companies and automobile manufacturers at a management consulting company.

Joined Amazon Japan in 2010. After working as General Manager of Home & Kitchen Business Division and General Manager of Sales Division of Seller Service Business Division, he has been engaged in expansion of Amazon business as General Manager of Amazon Business Division Business Division since June 2018.

Amazon Japan
General Manager of Sales Management Division, Amazon Business Business Division
Tetsuya Onoda

In the Amazon business, I am mainly in charge of major companies that require system cooperation with purchasing systems and ERP. After working as a visiting researcher at NTT Laboratories, Carnegie Mellon University, and sales manager for IT companies, he has been in his current position at Amazon since 2017.

Amazon Japan
General Manager of Commercial Sector Sales Division, Amazon Business Division
Keiichiro Takigi

Joined Amazon Japan in June 2017.
Since then, he has overseen the corporate sales department at the Amazon Business Business Headquarters. Prior to joining Amazon, he was in charge of online advertising / media and cloud service sales management at Google, and before that he was in charge of inside sales management at and SAP.

About Amazon Business
From small businesses, schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations, government agencies to large global businesses, Amazon Business brings you the world with cost savings and time savings, productivity gains and scrutinized purchase analysis. We are helping millions of our customers rebuild their purchasing operations. Buyers and business owners have access to convenient delivery options for hundreds of millions of supplies, covering categories such as office supplies, IT, cleaning supplies, groceries, and medical supplies. In addition, Amazon Business has easy-to-use screen operations, membership-based Business Prime, corporate pricing and assortment, single-user or multi-user accounts, purchase approval procedures, integration with other purchasing systems, various payment methods, and customer support. We provide a variety of functions and services required by corporate customers. Currently, Amazon Business operates in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and India in addition to Japan. For more information on Amazon Business, visit and

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