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Tiffany announces the latest campaign for “Tiffany T” featuring Hailey Bieber, a model and entrepreneur in the United States. This campaign, which sublimates Tiffany’s iconic collection, marks her first appearance since Hailey Beaver became her global ambassador for Tiffany last October. Hailey Beaver, shot in Los Angeles, wears the key design jewelery of Tiffany T for the perfect layer style, including new diamond earrings and oversized pendants.

“My admiration for women wearing Tiffany is a special memory for me. I am truly honored to be part of that legacy as the face of the T collection,” says Hailey Beaver. ..

The pure, graphical lines of the T-motif in this collection are inspired by the Tiffany logo, which everyone can see at a glance. Each of the designs with power in simplicity celebrates Tiffany’s name and tributes to modernity and strength. A straightforward expression of personal style, Hailey Beaver further accentuates the collection’s bold silhouettes, hand-polished finishes and charming pavé diamonds.

“Modern style icon Hailey Beaver embodies the powerful spirit of Tiffany T. We are delighted to welcome her as the protagonist of the new campaign.” Tiffany Products & Communications. Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President, said:

This campaign will be released worldwide on various media in Tiffany from June 14, Japan time.

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