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AGNÈS B. A modern arrangement of rugby shirts.

AGNES B. Border T-shirt

The origin of the border item of AGNÈS B. was to create a border T-shirt for the movie “Who Are You, Polly Magoo” directed by William Klein. Since then, we have continued to increase the variations for our products, and four versions of long sleeves, short sleeves, thin borders (12 x 12mm), and wide borders (60 x 60mm) have been developed as standard.

The wide border with a 60x60mm pitch is a loose design that has been made since the brand was founded. Made from the cotton fabric used to make rugby shirts, it has been loved as a symbolic masterpiece of the brand since its introduction in 1977.

AGNES B. Border T-shirt

AGNES B. Border T-shirt

If you like fine borders, use a 12x12mm pitch. In addition to the model with only a simple border, a type with a logo on the front has also appeared. The material used is similar to that of a real rugby shirt, and it does not easily lose its shape even after repeated washing.

SAINT JAMES The boat neck is iconic.


SAINT JAMES was founded in 1889 in the Normandy region of France, where Mont Saint-Michel is located. Among the many border items that have the essence of French chic, the boat neck “OUESSANT” is said to be one of the most popular items. The prototype of the long-sleeved shirt was worn by sailors such as fishermen and yachtsmen in the Normandy region of France. Since its founding, it is said that it has maintained its original shape while making minor improvements. Made of 100% cotton, which is resistant to repeated washing, the texture increases as you wear it, and it becomes familiar to your body each time you wear it.


Another long-sleeved standard “NAVAL” has excellent hygroscopicity, is slightly thinner than “OUESSANT”, and is suitable for summer. For short sleeves, we also recommend the clean and regular fit “PLOUIDER”.

APC Intelligently worn French chic.

APC border T-shirt

¥ 16,970¥ 13,576


APC, which embodies French chic, was founded in 1987 by Jean Touitou. The brand name comes from “Atelier de Production et de Creation”. Simple but functional and timeless items are available. The blue border “Elisa” with a marine mood has a long hem and a loose silhouette. It has a moderate thickness and will be active in all seasons, so it should come in handy if you have one.

APC border T-shirt

The black collar design is suitable for the leading role in coordination. Even one piece will make you happy, but you can wear an oversized white or blue shirt and layer it. The three-quarter sleeve type with the brand logo embroidered on the hem is perfect for the changing seasons! It is also a nice point that the boat neck creates a neat look around the face.

PETIT BATOU Comfortable to wear because it is a baby clothing brand.

PETIT BATEAU Border T-shirt “Marinière”

PETIT BATEAU was born in France in 1893 as a manufacturer of children’s underwear. Since then, we have expanded the range of products and developed clothes that can be worn comfortably and comfortably by both babies and adults. One of the most famous is the “Marinière Border” T-shirt, which symbolizes the brand. Although it is a classic, it has continued to improve its color and shape according to the trend of each season. This season’s items are organically upgraded cotton and use a soft-touch 1×1 ribbed material, also known as “second skin.”


PETIT BATEAU “Marinière”

“Marinière” has a wide variety of long sleeves, V-neck, and wide fit. I want to select and enjoy what suits the season and mood. On the other hand, “Mirare” is another standard model of PETIT BATOU. It features an extra-fine stripe design, and is also available in basic crew neck T-shirts and tank tops. People who are not good at stripes should be able to try this easily.

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