“BASE BREAD BAKERY & CAFE”, a limited-time cafe for complete nutritional food “BASE FOOD”, will open in Ebisu from June 16th (Thursday) to July 3rd (Sunday) | Press release of Base Food Co., Ltd.


  • Offering an original menu using the new product “BASE BREAD Mini Bread Plain”

“BASE BREAD BAKERY & CAFE” offers 4 kinds of original menus using the completely nutritious bread “BASE BREAD Mini Bread Plain” which was newly released on May 24th. With the concept of “If the bread changes, the morning will change”, we have prepared a menu that will be an idea for arranging at home as a new standard breakfast that creates the foundation of living at the beginning of the day. With the cooperation of bread researcher Maiko Yoshinaga, we created foods and sweets that make use of the aroma and natural sweetness of whole grains of “BASE BREAD Mini Bread Plain” to make you feel early summer.
“BASE BREAD Mini Bread Plain” is a mini size of about 9 cm square, and is a complete nutritional bread that can take all 33 kinds of nutrients required for 2 bags of 1 meal. More than 100,000 bags have already been sold in 3 weeks from the start of sales, and it is very popular as “the most delicious so far!” ..

BASE BREAD Mini bread plainBASE BREAD Mini bread plain

  • Overview of “BASE BREAD BAKERY & CAFE”

・ Opening period: June 16th (Thursday) to July 3rd (Sunday), 2022
・ Venue: The Holiday LOUNGE (1-4-5 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
・ Opening hours: OPEN 10: 30-CLOSE 19:00

Salmon open sandwichSalmon open sandwich

Carottes rache sandwichCarottes rache sandwich

Apple cinnamon toastApple cinnamon toast

Kiwi and muscat fruit sandKiwi and muscat fruit sand

Cafe spaceCafe space

Product sales spaceProduct sales space

  • Offering limited-time collaboration menus at cafes throughout Tokyo

After the opening period of “BASE BREAD BAKERY & CAFE” is over, we will offer original limited-time collaboration menus of each store at 8 cafes in Tokyo.

・ Period: July 4th (Monday) to July 17th (Sunday)
・ Provided stores
GOOD MORNING CAFE Nakano Central Park (Nakano)
ALL DAY HOME Musashi Koyama store (Musashi Koyama)
ALL DAY HOME Myogadani store (Myogadani)
Riverside Cafe Cielo y Rio (Kuramae)
chano-ma Daikanyama (Daikanyama)
chano-ma Futakotamagawa (Futakotamagawa)


  • What is a complete nutritional diet “BASE FOOD”?

“BASE FOOD” is a complete nutritional food * 1 that contains all 33 types of nutrients required for one meal, such as protein, dietary fiber, and 26 types of vitamins and minerals. While using more than 10 kinds of carefully selected raw materials such as whole grain flour, soybeans, and chia seeds, we have achieved nutritional balance and deliciousness by blending and manufacturing methods using our unique technology. Currently, the number of sales has exceeded 40 million bags, and the number of subscribers has exceeded 100,000 in February 2022.

BASE FOOD subscription imageBASE FOOD subscription image

  • Base Food Co., Ltd. Overview

A food tech company that started in 2016 with the mission of “innovating staple foods and making health a matter of course.” By developing a new staple food that fulfills all of “easy, delicious, and good for the body” and making the base food a “health infrastructure”, everyone can enjoy their meals and their health becomes commonplace. We aim to realize a society.

Established: April 5, 2016
Headquarters: 5-25-2 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Satoshi Hashimoto
Business: Development, manufacture and sale of complete nutritional foods

* 1 For one meal, 1/3 or more of the standard value for one day for all nutrients except lipids, saturated fatty acids, n-6 fatty acids, carbohydrates, sodium, and calories, based on the standard values ​​for displaying nutrients, etc. include.

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