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Jonas Lindstroem © Cartier

Cartier’s new high jewelry collection “BEAUTÉS DU MONDE”

Cartier has the power to find the beauty of the world everywhere it exists. This collection reveals how much Cartier can celebrate beauty. Design, balance between lines, geometric patterns, or abstractionism. By expressing the vision through these elements, Cartier takes beauty to the next level. Selected stones enhance the natural and cultural elements that inspired the new collection into stunning works.

Cartier uses jewelry to express the beauty of water lilies that bloom on the surface of the water. The eye-catching centerstone is a 10.61 carat rubellite with diamond petals and onyx edging around it, all of which add to the volume of Cartier’s signature geometric patterns of high jewelery. ..

Iris Velghe © Cartier

Inspired by the marine ecosystem, this necklace celebrates the beauty of coral reefs. Cartier used the contrast of emerald and coral to design a series of forms that meandered along the diamond atoll. The fascinating combination of cut beaded stones with emerald and amethyst cabochons is inseparable from the Maison’s style.

Iris Velghe © Cartier

Water Aspis
The sensual charm of the mythical creatures that live in Cartier’s animal world has been imbued in this work. A powerful snake that invites the viewer to euphoria. Cartier re-sublimates its beauty and amazing suppleness into this creation with five magnificent Sri Lankan sapphire cabochons totaling 43.49 carats. Cartier This snake, which represents his style, incorporates the main styles of expression: realism, stylization, and abstraction.

Iris Velghe © Cartier

Observing the wings of butterflies up close, you will be fascinated by the beautiful color nuances and design jewelry that embodies the beauty of rainbow colors. By observing the details in this way, the “Apatura” necklace was born. Three 22.08 carat opals from Australia are bordered by a geometric motif consisting of diamonds, blue sapphire beads and colored sapphire beads, and the color nuances resonate with the opal’s strength.

Iris Velghe © Cartier

Cartier pays homage to the beauty of traditional Mesoamerican jewelry in the parure “Rituel”. The necklace, made up of two rows of azure chalcedony beads, is rainbow-colored with studded rubies. The contrast, which is rooted in the tradition of the Maison’s style, shines strongly and boldly in a rigorously graphical silhouette, and the soft, bright tones of pink and blue highlight the intense black contours of onyx.

Iris Velghe © Cartier

Cartier’s Creation Studio is inspired by the texture and three-dimensionality of the green iguana leather to create this parure. Three magnificent emerald-set necklaces of diamonds and Colombia totaling 43.45 carats truly represent the beauty of an iguana. By exploring the fields of architecture such as echo and mirror structure, we will give a new perspective to Cartier’s animal world.

Iris Velghe © Cartier

The “Bote Dumond” collection that lets each person project the world of imagination and take them on a journey. It stimulates our emotions and inspires euphoria through materials that gather the beauty of the world and create color spectra, forms and inspirations.

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